Yazidi woman collapses in front of Isil rapist in Iraqi TV show


An Iraqi TV station has come under fire after putting a Yazidi woman face to face with the Islamic State fighter (Isil) who raped her in a meeting that ended in the collapse of the young woman in front of the camera.

Ashwaq Haji Hamid was 14 when she and thousands of other Yazidi girls were kidnapped from their homes on Mount Sinjar in Iraq by fighters from Isil in 2014. She was entrusted to a jihadist named Mohammed Rashid, who l handcuffed and raped several times.

Ms Hamid and other women escaped drugging their captors and eventually fled to Germany and applied for asylum. But her rapist also reached Germany and she met him in a horrific chance encounter on the street in Stuttgart in 2018.

The couple reunited again last month for a special report on al-Irakiya TV. Rashid, now imprisoned in Iraq, was brought in front of Ms. Hamid in handcuffs and a prison suit and forced to listen to the pain he caused her.

“You destroyed my life. You stole all my dreams from me, ”the 19-year-old told him, repeatedly demanding that he look her in the eye. “Search. Do you have feelings? Do you have honor? I was 14 years old, as old as your daughter, son or sister.


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