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It’s no secret that movies and TV shows based on comic books are all the rage right now. Last year alone, Disney+ released five new shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even then, many well-known streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon are taking chances with comics that aren’t necessarily based on recognizable Marvel and DC stories and characters with shows like The boys, Invincibleand The Umbrella Academy Just to name a few.

And now HBO Max has released a new miniseries based on a long-running comic book series, DC’s Vertigo Comics imprint called DMZ. This exciting new adaptation stars Rosario Dawson as a local New York doctor trying to find his son in a demilitarized Manhattan.


If you want to watch the show but don’t know how, we’ve created a handy guide that will answer any questions you might have about DMZ including when it premiered, how many episodes this season has, and whether you can watch the show without subscribing to HBO Max.

dmz rosario dawson trailer hbo max
Picture via HBO Max

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Watch the DMZ Trailer

The first one official trailer for DMZ was released on March 7, 2022, which offers an in-depth look at this dystopian future and spotlights many of its key characters, including a charismatic public figure played by Benjamin Brattewhich is not without ulterior motives so to speak.

Where is the DMZ streaming online?

DMZ is only available to stream on HBO Max. here is a link on the show’s home page.

If you don’t want to watch DMZ on your computer, know that HBO Max is also available on smartphones and digital media players such as Apple TV and Chromecast.

Can you watch DMZ Without HBO Max?

Unfortunately no. If you plan to watch DMZ, you will need an HBO Max subscription. For those unaware, an HBO Max subscription comes in two tiers: $9.99/month and $14.99/month.

You can also try HBO Max as a Hulu add-on before you have to pay $14.99 per month after the first seven days. You can also access HBO Max for free if your cable or internet provider already includes HBO. Click on this link to learn more.

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When does DMZ First?

Picture via HBO Max

The four episodes of DMZ are available to stream now on HBO Max. The show premiered on March 17, 2022.

The show also had its world premiere this year South By Southwest Film Festival (SXSW) in the form of two screenings: the first was an in-person screening on March 13 while the other was an online screening the following day.

How many DMZ episodes does he do To have?

Believe it or not, DMZ only has four episodes in its entire run. Again, the show was announced as a limited series. Here are the titles of each episode:

  • Episode 1: “Good Luck”
  • Episode 2: “Advent”
  • Episode 3: “The Right Name”
  • Episode 4: “House”

Each episode is written by the showrunner Roberto Patinowho has already made a name for himself by writing and producing several high-profile television shows, including Westworld and Sons of Anarchy. Ava DuVernaywho is also an executive producer of the series, directed the first episode, while Ernest Dickinson led the other three.

In a recent interview with Syfy YarnPatino explains why he was so invested in the source material, saying, “The guiding question for me was how can we take this divisive story at a time when we’re more divided than ever, run in the opposite direction and really spin it into a story that engenders hope and looks to the future. That was the real adjustment to the graphic novel. It assumes a civil war but I wasn’t interested in how we got there. I also wasn’t interested in living day to day – day of war What this show really focuses on is the people of the DMZ – people of all colors and creeds from all walks of life who come together and reformulate a new fabric of society. And in all this super complicated multi-layered context, we tell the very simple story of the most powerful kind of love I know, which is the love of a mother for her son.”

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Who is in the cast of DMZ?

rosario dawson trailer dmz hbo max
Image by HBOMax

Besides Rosario Dawson and Benjamin Bratt, DMZ features a number of great actors. The main cast of the series includes Dawson, Bratt, Hoon Lee, Freddy Miyares, Jordan Preston Carter, Venus Arieland Amandla Jahava. Additionally, Bryan Gael Guzman appears as Alma’s son Christian in flashbacks. Recurring cast members appearing on the show include Grandma Gumer, Agam Darchi, Rey Gallegos, Henry G. Sanders, Jade Wu, Sydney Park, Juani Feliz, Nora Dunnand Rutine Wesley.

What is the DMZ On?

DMZ takes place in a future dystopia where a second American Civil War rages across the country. In this dark, post-apocalyptic world, nurse Alma Ortega (Rosario Dawson) loses her son during the evacuation of New York. And so, despite the horrors and chaos of war, she sets out to find him. In the process, Alma becomes a beacon of hope for many and comes into conflict with a dangerous gang leader who wants to take advantage of this terrible new world.

Want to know more about the premise of the show before deciding to watch it? here is a long plot synopsis of the official SXSW schedule:

In the near future, America is embroiled in a bitter civil war, leaving Manhattan a demilitarized zone (DMZ), destroyed and isolated from the rest of the world. Leaping from the pages of the popular comic book, “DMZ” chronicles the harrowing journey of fearless and fierce doctor Alma Ortega (series star Rosario Dawson), who embarks on a harrowing journey to find the son she lost during the Evacuation of New York. at the start of the conflict. Throwing gasoline on the flames of this conflict is Parco Delgado (series star Benjamin Bratt), the popular – and murderous – leader of one of the most powerful gangs in the DMZ. He wants to rule this new world – and will stop at nothing to ensure that outcome.


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