When is the last episode of the mini-series?


Everyone’s favorite Santa, Scott Calvin, is officially ready to retire in the new Disney+ show, Santa Clauses! Tim Allen will reprise his role as the first three Santa movies to portray the big man in red once again. But this time, he’s ready to pass the torch to someone new.

When we pick up in the miniseries, Scott is still passionate about his work as Old St. Nick. But some of that passion is no longer around the holidays as Christmas’ popularity wanes, which isn’t good news for its Santa magic, according to Disney+. After a 30-year run, Scott is ready to hand over the responsibility to someone else so he can spend more time with his family. But who will be worthy enough?

Eric Lloyd, Elizabeth Mitchell and David Krumholt join Allen in reprising their roles. Some new cast members will be introduced to the franchise, including Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Kal Penn, Rupali Redd, Austin Kane, Devin Bright, and Matilda Lawler.

While there’s some time between the series premiere and when its finale is scheduled, you’ll want to mark your calendars so you don’t miss it!

When is the last episode of The Santa Clauses on Disney+?

The limited series isn’t very long, so the wait between its premiere and its finale won’t be too long! The last episode should be out Wednesday, December 14 on Disney+. The season in six episodes premieres on Wednesday, November 16 with the first two episodesfollowed by a new weekly episode until the finale.

If you don’t have the streaming service+, then you definitely will need to be subscribed to watch the show! You can buy Disney+ for $7.99/month, which will include Santa Clauses. If you want more, there are also two Disney Bundle options.

You can get the former which includes Disney+ (ad-free), Hulu (with ads), and ESPN+ (with ads) for $13.99/month. The other plan costs $19.99/month and includes Disney+ (no ads), Hulu (no ads), and ESPN+.

Santa Clauses premieres Wednesday, November 16 on Disney+.


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