What does limited series mean on Netflix?


27 October 2021, 15:31

The Queen’s Gambit is a limited series on Netflix.

Image: Netflix

Meaning of limited series: what does it mean when a Netflix show is a ‘limited series’?

Netflix has hit the park with its incredible new releases over the past year, some of which are billed as “limited series.”

Many viewers may be wondering what the meaning of limited series is because not all new releases are named as such.

Here’s your need to know what it means when a series is called a limited series.

What is a limited series?

If a show is a “limited series” it usually means that it is standalone and that there will be no future seasons.

Therefore, a limited series is one that has a clear start, middle, and end – and the final episode is unlikely to feature a cliffhanger or a clue that there is more to the story.

A limited series is essentially a mini-series and typically consists of between four and 10 episodes.

Maid is a recent example of a limited series on Netflix

Maid is a recent example of a limited series on Netflix.

Image: Netflix

Do limited series already have series two?

It is not because a series is presented as a limited series that it will definitely not be renewed.

While the majority are standalone, there have been instances where limited series have been renewed, sometimes with an entirely different story or cast.

What are some examples of limited series?

Maid, The Queen’s Gambit, and Maniac are all popular examples of limited series, each featuring their own standalone series.


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