Village Roadshow Developing a Limited Series Based on Reverend Jesse Jackson


Village Roadshow Television has secured lifetime rights from civil rights, religious and political leader Reverend Jesse Jackson to adapt his story into a limited series. The company is working closely with Reverend Jackson, as well as his wife, Jaqueline Jackson, and their family to develop the project.

Casting is underway to find a lead to play Reverend Jackson, as development begins on the project. The currently untitled series will be developed and produced by Reverend Jackson’s son, Yusef D. Jackson, and William F. Keys. News of the scripted series comes shortly after Reverend Jackson and his family also announced plans for a simultaneous documentary on the leader’s life, directed by Shola Lynch (“Chisholm ’72: Unbought & Unbossed,” “Free Angela & All Political Prisoners”).

“Reverend Jackson lived an extraordinary life, not only through his actions and deeds for America as a nation, but also based on what he personally saw and participated in around the world, the best our country and the world has to offer at some of the lowest points in our history,” said Steve Mosko, CEO of Village Roadshow Entertainment Group, which announced the project on Thursday.

The project was integrated into Village Roadshow Television and the deal was brokered by Michael Linowes, Executive Vice President, Commercial Affairs. The Village Roadshow team and Reverend Jackson’s family recently met in Chicago to formalize their relationship and discuss ways they hope the series will define and provide context for Reverend Jackson’s role through six decades of pursuing the rights. civilians, gender equality, empowerment, and economic and social status. Justice.

“I have been blessed with a voice, a calling and a passion to work to contribute to the greater good of humanity,” Reverend Jackson said in a statement. “Throughout my journey there have been great victories and disappointments, but we have never lost sight of our goals or the tens of thousands of people who have worked directly with us trying to make a positive impact. on the world.”

Jesse Jackson at the Gibson steak house in Chicago with Michael Linowes, Steve Mosko, William Keys and the Jackson family. [Back L-R Michael Linowes, Yusef Jackson, Steve Mosko, Santita Jackson, William Keys; Front L-R Rev. Jackson, Mrs. Jackson]
Stephane Green

Here’s a bit of a Village Roadshow logline: “From abject poverty in Greenville, South Carolina, the site of one of the last recorded racial lynchings in the South when Reverend Jackson was six, to working with Martin Luther King Jr. ., running two presidential races, freeing hostages around the world, and engaging nearly every major world leader or religious figure of our time, Reverend Jackson has been a singular figure in the spirit of the 20th century and beyond.

Among his accomplishments: In 1984 he negotiated the release of an American fighter pilot captured in Syria, and also that year he negotiated with Fidel Castro to free 22 Americans and 26 political prisoners from Cuba. In 1990, Jackson secured the release of over 200 American, British and French hostages from Iraq before the Persian Gulf War. He also freed three American soldiers during the Kosovo conflict.

Reverend Jackson’s honors include the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, as well as France’s highest honor, the Legion of Honor. He has received more than 40 honorary doctorates and is even a Grammy Award winner.


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