Vampirella’s origin explored in new limited event series


Considering it’s been around for half a century now, Vampirella’s origin is long overdue.

Dynamite Entertainment plans to remedy this situation with vampire: Year A, a limited comic book series hitting stores in July. And check out the various stunning covers prepared for this special event – courtesy of – on this page.

This origin story is told by writer Christopher Priest, artists Giovanni Timpano and Ergun Gunduz (aided and abetted by letterer Willie Schubert), and cover artists Collette Turner, Lucio Parrillo, Guillem March, Derrick Chew, and Joseph Michael Linsner. Plus, Rachel Hollon is grabbing some attention with a cosplay cover as Vampirella in a stunning white costume. Kevin Nowlan also provided a cover sketch.

The series begins, as explained, in the present day before going back in time to find Vampirella navigating 1960s New York. Vampirella is now “wanted for murder – with every demon, vampire, reporter and law enforcement officer searching for her,” according to the synopsis. “As she takes refuge, Vampirella begins to remember how and why she came to this planet in the first place.”

Explaining the reasoning behind this limited series, Priest said “there are vast areas of Vampirella’s life – particularly her childhood on Drakulon – that remain largely unexplored.”

In these comics, Priest said that Vampirella was “a literal illegal alien, an immigrant, and a lost soul in 1969 New York – a much more dangerous city than it is today. She doesn’t understand our language, our culture or our politics.We bring it right back to the pages of his original Warren Publishing book.

The Vampirella character – created by writer Forrest J. Ackerman and artist Trina Robbins – debuted in Warren’s black and white vampire Nope. 1 (September 1969). Archie Goodwin later developed her from a horror story hostess to a main character.

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