Uma Thurman doesn’t trust anyone in this Apple TV+ miniseries


Although we open with a flowery wedding, the “Suspicion” trailer wastes no time on tricks; this series isn’t light or sweet, it’s all soapy intensity and drama. Uma Thurman stars as a high-profile businesswoman at the center of a national scandal: her son has been mysteriously kidnapped. Suspicion quickly turns to four British citizens who happened to be in the New York hotel at the time of the crime. Bound together by police and media attention, the four strangers attempt to prove their innocence while Thurman’s character grapples with the gravity of his situation.

Maybe it’s because the show is British and full of political melodramas, but the trailer reminded me of “Bodyguard” with Richard Madden. Equally preoccupied with political conspiracy, this show turned out to be a delightful surprise with big twists and explosive reveals around every corner. And according to this synopsis, the same could be true for “Suspicion”:

“When the son of a prominent American businesswoman (Thurman) is kidnapped from a New York hotel, the eye of suspicion quickly falls on four seemingly ordinary British citizens who were at the hotel on the night in question. As they find themselves in a trans-Atlantic cat-and-mouse race to evade the combined forces of the National Crime Agency and FBI to prove their innocence, it becomes clear that one cannot trust everyone. Who is really behind the mysterious kidnapping, and who is only guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

If this ensemble cast sounds familiar, that’s because it’s certainly appeared on your screen in the past. In addition to Thurman, “Suspicion” stars Kunal Nayyar (“The Big Bang Theory,” “Sanjay and Craig”) as Aadesh Chopra, Noah Emmerich (“The Americans”) as Scott Anderson, Georgina Campbell (“Black Mirror”) as Natalie Thompson, Elizabeth Henstridge (“Agents of SHIELD”) as Tara McAllister, Tom Rhys-Harries (“White Lines”) as Eddie Walker, Elyes Gabel (“Scorpion”) as Sean Tilson and Angel Coulby (“Dancing on the Edge”) as Vanessa Okoye.

“Suspicion” comes to Apple TV+ on February 4, 2022.


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