Tribute to Clifton Forge included in Hulu miniseries ‘Dopesick’ due out in October


Clifton FORGE, Virginia. – Editors are putting the finishing touches on “Dopesick,” the Hulu miniseries based on the book written by local author Beth Macy. She helped write the series and the trailer just released last week, creating a lot of buzz.

Five million people watched the trailer for Dopesick, which aired in October. The mini-series deals with the opioid crisis in the United States and draws on stories from our region.

“Warren Littlefield, one of the producers, said that at first a lot of people read your book, it was a bestseller, a hundred times more people will watch this show,” Macy said.

Macy is a former Roanoke Times reporter, author of the book of the same name, and an executive producer. The Alleghany Highlands hosted film crews earlier this year and now it’s almost show time.

“And our showrunner did a lot of shows and when he first explained how he was going to tell this really complicated story, I thought oh my God, that will never work, but it really does fall into place,” he said. Macy said.

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The cast is led by Michael Keaton and the trailer has a number of nods to our region. There is business at the State Capitol in Richmond, the Clifton Forge skyline sets the scene, and doctors are named in communities like Thaxton, Timberlake, Vinton and Wirtz on a list of pharmaceutical representatives featured in the film.

“I lobbied for the show to be shot in Virginia, so most of it is shot in Richmond and Clifton Forge, there’s a bit of it in Bowling Green, Virginia,” Macy said.

The book has spoken a lot in our region, but the series takes it to the next level. Macy said the book and the show run parallel in themes and the key to remember is black and white.

“We also think the show makes a strong statement about who should be responsible for this opioid crisis. Not the people who were addicted, the people who hooked them, ”Macy said.

Macy stars in one of the episodes in a small role. She is also hoping that her other bestsellers, Truevine and Factory Man, can also appear on screen.

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