Top Cow and EP1T0ME Studios Team Up for Horror Miniseries REVOLVERS in October


superior cow once again partnered with the Texas gaming company Studios EP1T0ME on a new horror miniseries Revolvers in October, it was announced today.

Revolvers will be a four-issue limited series written by John Zuur Plattenillustrated by Christian DiBari and colored by Simon Gough. It will hit comic shops and digital platforms on October 5 and will come in two cover variations.

The story of Revolversaccording to the press release,

“…features Hampton Wales, a Detroit homicide detective trapped in a mysterious and violent alternate reality, struggling to solve his own, seemingly unremarkable murder.”

Top Cow has already partnered with EP1T0ME Studios on titles Sainte-Merci and The People of Clay: Colossusof which John Zuur Platten was the author of the first and the artist Christian DiBari worked on the second.

Platten, who designed the project, talks about it in more detail:

“I had this idea for the Moratorium, a purgatory in which the dead, the Revolvers, descend from humans to demonic creatures every time around the Gyre. EP1T0ME let me sink; I had fun weaving Hampton’s twisted history through its sordid cast of characters and layering today’s Detroit with a more hellish version of it.

Series artist, Christian DiBari:

Revolvers is hands down the darkest horror book I have ever written. There is a bit of that Michael Mann neo-noir crime and lots of Clive Barkerit is hellraiser. The world that John and I are creating is definitely crazy; Can’t wait for Top Cow fans to check it out!

President of EP1T0ME, Richard Leibowitzweighed:

“As a video game company, we decided to create a concept for a competitive first-person shooter with a dark horror setting. As usual, JZP nailed the characters, setting, and gameplay. story; it’s amazing to see Christian bring Hampton, La Piton, Big Mike, Cali and the rest, including Detroit, to life in the comic.

Writer John Zuur Platten has a chronic career in the video game space. His IMDB Profile the list to have worked as a writer and designer on “more than sixty projects”, including fear effect and the Chronicles of Riddick Games.

Christian DiBari is a horror artist who has produced work for Top Cow and Image, most notably in 2014. Cutterthe 2017 Magdalene series and this year The People of Clay: Colossus a shot.


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