Thrilling New Limited Series Tops Netflix Top 10


A new series has arrived on Netflix and has quickly taken over the Top 10. stranger things and The sand man have absolutely dominated Netflix’s daily Top 10 TV Shows list for the past few months, with each series holding the top spot for a while. Even after losing pole position, the shows still managed to stay in the lower positions on the list. echoes recently took over as the most popular show on the site, but was replaced this weekend by another newcomer.

Devil in Ohio, which stars Emily Deschanel, is a limited thriller series about a doctor who saves a young woman from a dangerous cult. It seems that Netflix subscribers took an immediate interest in the series, helping it to rise to the number one streamer spot.

Monday’s edition of Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows list features Devil in Ohio as the number one series on the service, passing echoes In the process.

You can check out a full breakdown of Monday’s Netflix Top 10 list below!

1. Devil in Ohio

(Picture: Netflix)

“Determined to protect a young patient who has escaped a mysterious cult, a psychiatrist takes in the young girl, putting her own family – and her life – in danger.”

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2. Echoes

(Picture: Netflix)

“No one can tell twins Gina and Leni apart, allowing them to blur the lines between their very different lives. But swapping places can be a dangerous game.”

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3. Partner track

“At an elite New York law firm, Ingrid Yun struggles to become a partner – and stick to her principles – while balancing romance, friends, and family expectations.”

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4. I am a killer

“Death row inmates convicted of murder recount their crimes first-hand in this documentary series.”

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5. The Sandman

(Picture: Netflix)

“After years of imprisonment, Morpheus – the King of Dreams – embarks on a journey across worlds to find what was stolen from him and restore his power.”

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6. Stranger Things

(Picture: Netflix)

“Equipped with limited resources, an isolated group of individuals are subjected to the harsh conditions of the wilderness and must survive – or exploit.”

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7. High Heat

“When clues to his brother’s murder lead Poncho to a fire brigade, he joins to investigate further and finds romance, family…and a serial killer.”

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8. Buy my house

“Landlords from across the United States are pitching properties for sale to four experienced real estate investors, hoping to close a life-changing deal right away.”

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9. Dated and Related

“Single siblings help each other search for their soul mates, hoping to find love (and maybe win $100,000) while living in a luxurious villa.”

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10. I survived a crime

“Follow the unforgettable experiences of everyday people forced to make quick choices when faced with dangerous encounters in this docuseries.”



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