This actor will replace Paras Kalnawat in the television series Anupama


Anupama: TV actor Paras Kalnawat also known as Samar has bid farewell to the star and the show ‘Anupama’ as the actor was recently shown the doors by the makers due of a breach of contract. Meanwhile, after Paras’ exit from the series, actor and model Suvansh Dhar is now set to play the role of “Samar” in the series.

Suvansh Dhar will replace Paras Kalnawat at Anupama

Paras Kalnawat, known for his role in the TV drama Anupama, has now bid farewell to the series after the actors’ contract was terminated by the series creators. The news shocked the fans and many are now curious to know who will play the role of Samar in the drama. Well, according to the recent reports, it is said that Appnapan Badalate Rishton Ka Bandhan actor Suvansh Dhar will now play the role of Samar.

For the uninitiated, on Tuesday an official statement was released by production house and producer Rajan Shahi, who said, “As a production house, we will not accept breach of contract. We have terminated his services as an actor effective immediately. We wish him the best for his future projects. »

Meanwhile, during an interview with Bombay Times, Paras was seen talking about his role, he said, “My character Samar had no business on the show for a year. After the exit of the character of Nandini (Anagha Bhosale), my character had almost nothing to do. And then many new characters were introduced to the show and the focus shifted to another new family. I didn’t want to be reduced to just a family member who stood in the background and did nothing on the show. I can understand that you have a lead for a few months and then others come into focus. But I wasn’t really growing. So when Jhalak was offered to me, I found it exciting. Also, I had let the creators know how I felt about my role and my career chart, but they didn’t know when my track would be back on the show.

The popular TV show Anupama has remained one of the audience’s favorite shows, every character in the show has been liked by the viewers. However, Paras Kalnawat who plays ‘Samar’ in the series has now been ousted from the series soon after the creators terminated the actors contract since the actor signed up for the reality show ‘Jhalak Dikh La Jaa” season 10 with their rival channel. ‘Colors’ without updating manufacturers on development. Therefore, the makers ousted the actor due to breach of contract.

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