The Watcher Cast: What You Know About the Stars of Netflix’s Horror Miniseries


Imagine buying the house of your dreams, only to discover through a series of disturbing letters that it is also an object of fascination for a mysterious onlooker watching the house with possessive and envious eyes. Not only is this the plot of Netflix’s new original TV show, The Observerbut the horrific true experience of an American family in 2014.

By Ryan Murphy american horror story fame and Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story creator Ian Brennan, this seven-episode limited series dramatizes the shock and bizarre events that happened to the Broadusses after moving into an idyllic New Jersey home that turned out to be the site of their worst nightmares. Bringing the story to life on screen is the hugely talented, star-studded star The Observer cast, including Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale. Check out some of their greatest hits and those of their co-stars in our breakdown of the set.

Naomi Watts in The Watcher

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Naomi Watts

The Observer is just the latest of many chilling titles from English actress Naomi Watts’ repertoire, many of which (apart from her David Lynch films, such as Mulholland Dr.) are remakes – including those from 2001 the ring2007 funny games2005 King Kongand, more recently, Amazon’s English version of Good night mom in 2022.

The double Oscar nominee (for the years 2004 21 grams and The impossible in 2012) is also known for many relatively light titles, such as the many biopics of her filmography (including that of 2003 Ned Kelly or 2013 Dianain which she played the late princess) or the hilarious Best Picture Oscar winner, birdman, from 2014.

Bobby Cannavale in The Watcher

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Bobby Cannavale

Two-time Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale (for playing Vince on will and grace and Gyp Rosetti on Boardwalk Empire) has previously worked with his on-screen wife of The ObserverNaomi Watts, on a few occasions (notably in Movie 43 and, more recently, 2021 It’s night), but isn’t known for that many particularly creepy titles.

He’s part of the MCU, though, having appeared in two The ant Man movies and, even then, was still casting Martin Scorsese The Irishman – one of the few other Netflix Originals he’s also known for. Highlights of his versatile filmography also include the films of 2013 blue jasminestar and director Jon Favreau’s Chief the following year, and frontman of HBO’s short-lived music history drama, Vinyl.

Jennifer Coolidge in The Watcher

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Jennifer Coolidge

Playing a local realtor, we have Jennifer Coolidge, who recently won an Emmy for her performance on HBO’s The White Lotus cast after nearly 30 years of memorable small-screen appearances that include starring roles on 2 broke girls and The Secret Life of an American Teenager, and a guest seat on Seinfeld which marked his television debut.

However, she is still best known for her big-screen titles like David Guest’s improv mockumentaries (such as Best of Show), being in the American pie interpreted as Stifler’s mother, the Revenge of a Blonde movies like Paulette Parcel, and A Cinderella Story like Hilary Duff’s mean stepmother.

Mia Farrow in The Watcher

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mia farrow

A The Observer the actor who is certainly no stranger to spooky titles is Rosemary’s baby star Mia Farrow, who would go on to star in other thrillers like Julia’s Haunting before playing Daisy Buchanan in 1974 Gatsby the magnificent, Jacqueline De Bellefort in the years 1978 Death on the Nileand a Kryptonian named Alura in 1983 super girl movie, to name a few. She is also known for several Woody Allen films (including The purple rose of Cairo and Hannah and her sisters), the 2006 remake of the omenand Michel Gondry Be Kind Rewind.

Margo Martindale in The Watcher

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Margo Martindale

Three-time Emmy winner Margo Martindale (one for her recurring role on the Justified cast and two for Americans) made his film debut in the 1990s thunder daysplay in The Rocket the following year, and went on to earn roles in acclaimed films like 1995 walking dead man2002 Hoursand 2018 Instant Family to name a small, but notable, few. Her other best-known small-screen credits include a recurring spot on Bojack Rider as herself, historical FX miniseries Mrs Americaand Showtime Your Honor cast, more recently.

Terry Kinney in The Watcher

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Terry Kinney

Terry Kinney previously worked with Margo Martindale in The company in 1993 – the same year he starred in Abel Ferrara Body thieves and the year after it appeared in Michael Mann’s The Last of the Mohicans. That only describes a small part of his remarkable filmography, which also includes acclaimed TV series like thirty and some in the late 1980s, HBO’s harrowing prison drama, ounces (which also starred Bobby Cannavale in a small role), Showtime’s Billionsand another fact-based Netflix original miniseries called Invent Anna.

Joe Mantello in The Watcher

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Joe Mantello

The Observer marks Joe Mantello’s fifth collaboration with The Observer co-creator Ryan Murphy after the Emmy Award-winning HBO film in 2014, The normal heart (which Murphy directed), Netflix film band boys (directed by Mantello and produced by Murphy), another Netflix mini-series titled Hollywood (which Murphy co-created and which Mantello starred in), and a role in american horror story Season 11 this year. The Broadway star made her screen debut in the 1989 film, Biscuit, and made his theatrical directorial debut with 1997 To like! Value! Compassion!

Richard Kind in The Watcher

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Richard Kind

Another Broadway-based actor in The Observer the cast is Richard Kind, whose best-known roles are, mostly, of the comedic variety – as Paul Lassiter in the spin the town cast, the various characters in which he voiced Pixar movies like Upside downMarty Glouberman in Netflix Big mouth recurring cast and spots on hit sitcoms like Calm your enthusiasm and The Goldbergs. His more dramatic work includes Oscar darlings like Argo2019 Bomb (in which he played Rudy Giuliani), and the 2021 Netflix Original tick, tick… BOOM!

Noma Dumezweni in The Watcher

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Noma Dumezweni

British actress Noma Dumezweni made her film debut in Stephen Frears’ 2002 crime thriller, pretty dirty things, and his most notable film credits from later include 2018 Mary Poppins Returnsthe fantasy 2019 The child who wanted to be kingand the Netflix biographical drama, The boy who tamed the wind, of the same year. Audiences may also recognize her on the small screen as Captain Magambo on Doctor Whothe 2018 miniseries Rising black earthan episode of Hulu normal peopleHBO The defeat cast, HBO Max made for love casting and special effects Laid — his last collaboration with Ryan Murphy.

Christopher McDonald in The Watcher

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Christopher McDonald

Emmy-nominated Christopher McDonald (for his recurring role on HBO Max’s hacks), is best known for playing unscrupulous jerks in classic 90s comedies like the one written by John Hughes Dutch, Happy Gilmore (also one of Adam Sandler’s best films), Dirty work (a cult favorite starring Norm Macdonald) and the animated sci-fi classic The iron giant in 1999. He also has some credits in common with his colleague The Observer cast members (such as Boardwalk Empire), previously worked with Ryan Murphy on Impeachment: A History of American Crimeand is set to join the MCU as part of the Secret Invasion cast in an undisclosed role.

Michael Nouri on Yellowstone

(Image credit: Netflix)

Michel Nouri

Companion American crime history vet (from 2018’s second season) Michael Nouri starred in major ’80s films both from the iconic (dance drama lightning dance) and underrated variety (sci-fi thriller Cache) and also worked with Steven Spielberg for 2004 The terminal and appeared in the beloved romantic comedy, Proposal, in 2009. He also has a Marvel movie under his belt (straight to video from the 1990s Captain America) but, as a television star, he is known for soap operas like The young and the restless and All my children, and recurring roles in dramas like damage, NCISand Yellowstone.

Isabel Gravitt in The Watcher

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Isabelle Gravitt

Before joining Netflix The Observer casting, Isabel Gravitt had experience portraying people involved in a suburban nightmare while starring in the 2018 horror film, Cucuy: The Boogeyman, and the original Hulu miniseries, Small fires everywhere. Prior to that, she had a recurring role on the hit ABC sitcom, American Housewife, and played a younger version of actress Ksenia Solo’s central character in the 2017 drama, Looking for Fellini.

Henry Hunter Hall in The Watcher

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Henry Hunter Hall

Henry Hunter Hall debuted in 1997 Engorgement – directed by his father, Vondie Curtis-Hall, who later cast him in his 2006 crime thriller, deep waist, and later starred alongside her in the 2013 holiday movie, black nativity, and the 2019 Oscar-nominated biographical drama, Harriet, led by his mother, Kasi Lemmons. After making a brief uncredited appearance in the near-true crime documentary American animals in 2017, he appeared in two episodes of Netflix’s Emmy-winning factual miniseries, When they see us in 2019 and, in 2020, joined the cast of Amazon Prime’s original period action drama, Hunters.

Luke David Blumm in The Watcher

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Luke David Blumm

After making his acting debut in an episode of The Walking Dead in 2019 and then with an episode of HBO watchmen the same year, Luke David Blumm had a recurring role in season 3 of The fisherman in 2020 and, that same year, starred in one of Pete Davidson’s best films, The King of Staten Island. He played the lead role in the 2021 horror film, Son, before later appearing in the original Amazon Prime romantic comedy, I want you to come back, and the 2022 adaptation of Where the Crawdads sing as a younger version of Taylor John Smith’s character, Tate.

A cast like this should make it easy for you to decide if you’re going to watch The Observer. Stream the Intense Miniseries on Netflix (opens in a new tab) now.


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