The Summer Event Series is coming to Common Ground


KILAUEA – The Common Ground Community Farming Company invites locals and visitors to attend its 2021 summer series of events.

Programming includes farm tours, public and private dinners, weekly documentary film screenings and live music. The Common Ground campus is also closed to the public due to ongoing renovations.

Organizers say the events offer a taste of what’s to come when the campus fully reopens in 2022.

“It’s about introducing people to what Common Ground is, what our mission is, the team here and then the things people might expect to see in the future after development here,” said Adam Watten, Director and Manager of Common Ground.

This mission is the promotion of local food entrepreneurs and sustainable agricultural practices. The completed campus will include a physical version of the Common Ground online store, which sells locally made goods, and a reopened restaurant serving Kaua’i-related cuisine.

The farm walking tours started last week. It has a wide variety of crops planted in dense rows, like cross sections of forest soil.

The semblance is intentional, according to Watten. Like a forest spared by human hands, “agroforest” is called upon to become independent of external inputs, such as fertilizers. Nearby trees and livestock waste will provide the nutrients the soil needs.

“We are trying to be really flexible to get out of COVID,” Watten said. “We want these events to go well, so I think we’re going to take our time and do them right, rather than just trying to do them.”

Unpublished details include ticket prices, but Watten said Common Ground wants to make events accessible to the Kaua’i community.

Each tour ends with a lunch prepared with local ingredients. Tickets can be purchased online at Residents of Kaua’i with local ID receive a discount. The dates of the other summer events are to be determined. The information will be posted on the Common Ground website and Instagram page (@kauaicommonground) as details are finalized.

The summer event series runs through September.


Scott Yunker, a general assignment reporter, can be reached at 245-0437 or [email protected]


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