The Sex Pistols mini-series marches with its own drummer


“Trainspotting” director Danny Boyle talks about his favorite subject: boys being boys. In this case, the guys are the Sex Pistols, the most punk of the punks. Throughout the six-part series, Boyle and writer Craig Pearce (“Moulin Rouge!”) throw so much at you at such breakneck speed that you might suspect Johnny Rotten has mixed up your snacks. The only thing missing is a standard plot, an approach that perfectly captures the group’s defiant attitude. It’s a proper mess. Beginnings Tuesday, Hulu

“That Fucking Michael Che”
It’s unclear if Michael Che will return to the “Saturday Night Live” news desk. But there’s no doubt that the comic can’t wait to stretch. In the second season of his own sketch show, Che delivers edgy takes on racial slurs and abortion that would never get past NBC censors. He makes up for his limited acting ability by recruiting famous friends like Amy Schumer and Kenan Thompson to do much of the dirty work. HBO Max

‘Theodore Roosevelt’
If you ever doubted that Teddy Roosevelt deserved a place on Mount Rushmore, watch this four-hour documentary, a mix of gripping re-enactments and insightful commentary from historians. The two-night miniseries does a magnificent job of showing how the 26th president put his supersized ego to good use, from cleaning up police corruption in New York to promoting the Panama Canal. But producers, including Leonardo DiCaprio, aren’t afraid of Roosevelt’s flaws, including his callousness toward blacks and Native Americans. It’s a tough race. 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, History Channel

“The greatest mixtape of all time”

In the late 90s, videotape, rap and streetball came together in perfect harmony, a three-way marriage that would change sports and pop culture forever. This fast-paced, hour-long documentary shows how a grainy video of hoop wizards sparked a revolution. DJ Skee, who grew up in St. Paul, is one of many stars to look back in awe. 7 p.m. Tuesday, ESPN

‘Dance with myself’

In this latest attempt to turn your TV into a boogie wonderland, future TikTok stars compete to see who can pull off the most impressive moves. But do not get me wrong; this is Shakira’s show. The Grammy-winning artist may just be one of three judges, but the other panelists seem to be there just to make sure her hips don’t lie. 9:00 p.m. Tuesday, KARE, Ch. 11


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