The Pokémon Generations miniseries is the request of the series’ mature anime fans


The Pokemon The franchise may be aimed primarily at kids, but there’s certainly no shortage of longtime older fans who wish the series had grown up with them, and that doubles for the even more kid-friendly anime. What some returning fans may not realize, however, is that the Pokémon Company has already done just that to celebrate 20 years of Pokémon.

The Pokemon anime primarily works as a way to introduce the series to kids who might be a bit too young to understand the mechanics of the game, while also providing a deeper look at certain creatures and characters by centering the episodes around them. For example, in the anime, Pokémon say their names to help children learn them. Connections to the game’s plot are often toned down or absent, and the number of ongoing plot threads are generally kept to a minimum. As such, he often plays it safe, and thus the series can be a bit boring for older viewers. The Pokemon Generations animated mini-seriescreated for the franchise’s 20th anniversary in 2016, took a very different approach, and it’s exactly what those older fans have been asking for all along.


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Pokemon Generations consists of 18 episodes, mostly between 3 and 5 minutes long, and are animated in a style closer to most other shonen anime than that used by the main series anime. Each episode adapts an iconic scene from one of Pokemon games, like the Red Gyarados of Lake Rage in Gold and Silver or the emergence of Groudon and Kyogre with the world-destroying power of Omega Ruby and Alpha sapphire. And despite the short duration and the limited number of episodes, Pokemon Generations even brought ongoing story threads, such as Giovanni and Team Rocket’s Schemes, stringing together the plot points of multiple games. Each episode is also readily available on Youtubeand has been since its release.

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For fans who have had these scenes in mind for years, the possibility of seeing them fully animated and dubbed is pretty incredible. Generations also removed some of the more silly elements from the main anime, like Pokémon saying their own names, opting instead to give the creatures more realistic growls and squeaks. It also does things the main anime would never consider, like having trainers order their Pokemon to attack other humans, like Lance’s. Dragonite using Thunderbolt on a Team Rocket leader. The series also focuses more on adult characters like Detective Looker, as the protagonist characters who appear are usually hidden and non-speaking, mimicking their silence from the games. It also draws inspiration from the 6 generations of games that existed at the time, so whichever game a fan played first, there will be something for them.

Whether Pokemon Generations has drawbacks, it’s only that it shows fans what a more mature Pokemon the anime could actually be like it’s allowed to exist. Nothing here is so debatable that kids couldn’t watch it, but the changes made for Pokemon Generations instead put it at series level like dragonball Where Bleach–a bit more mature and violent, while avoiding adult topics like sex or drugs that the brand doesn’t want to be associated with.

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