The PGA Tour is moving forward with an elite event series featuring the Tour’s top 50 players that looks a lot like LIV Golf


Golf Digest by Dan Rapaport – PGA Tour players have been informed of wholesale changes to the tour schedule and the FedEx Cup which will begin in the fall of 2023, according to several players present at a mandatory meeting ahead of this week’s Travelers Championship in Cromwell, Conn.

Beginning next year, the PGA Tour schedule will include eight non-limited-field cup events, with prize pools of $20 million or more each, for the top 50 in the previous season’s FedEx Cup standings. Some of these events will take place in the heart of the season, while others will take place in the fall. Those not in the top 50 will participate in a series of alternate tournaments, where they will fight to keep their cards and earn better status for the following season. This structural change would occur alongside the tour’s return to a calendar-year-based season, which Golf Digest reported was under consideration. The tour expanded from a schedule-based schedule to an all-encompassing campaign in 2013–14.

It was one of the few tangible takeaways from a meeting that lasted 90 minutes and, according to those present, had far more questions than answers. PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan spoke for approximately 30 minutes and reiterated his belief that the PGA Tour is in a great position. He described the tour as “under attack”, but assured the players that they are “strong when we are united” and that the tour has a strong long-standing relationship with its business partners.

Monahan acknowledged that the LIV Golf Series had requested Official World Golf Ranking points. Whether they receive them will depend on the OWGR’s eight-person board of directors, which includes Monahan, DP World Tour CEO Keith Pelley, as well as representatives from the USGA, R&A, the PGA of America, the Augusta National Golf Club and the International Federation of PGA Tours. The OWGR Board of Directors is chaired by Peter Dawson, the former CEO of the R&A.

The OWGR issue is seen as a sizable domino in the ever-changing landscape of professional golf. There will be a significant waiting period while the board decides to award points for LIV Golf events. If they decide not to, and the PGA Tour’s suspension of the LIV players holds up in court – players at the meeting were told that PGA Tour lawyers feel good about their position – the only LIV players’ chance of earning world ranking points will be major leagues. And those opportunities will become rare, as the OWGR is used to fill major fields beyond those already exempt.

PGA Tour officials have acknowledged talking about further integration between the PGA Tour and DP World Tour, which sources said Golf Digest is under consideration by both sides, but discuss in detail. The DP World Tour has also received significant pressure from its grassroots members to engage with LIV Golf, as they view the DPWT as the loser in a tit-for-tat battle between the PGA Tour and LIV.

The issue of the DPWT, however, is expected to be discussed at length at a PGA Tour board meeting scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. Monahan will give a Voyageurs press conference on Wednesday at 1 p.m.

The PGA Tour had to do Something. They couldn’t sit idly by and watch their players get knocked out one by one and let this thing turn into a full-fledged avalanche. Their hands are tied in many ways due to their nonprofit status, and beefing up the cash for the best of the best is one of the few bullets they have.


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