The Patient Cast: Where did you see the stars of FX’s miniseries mystery?


When an actor best known for comedy starts taking on more dramatic roles, there’s no telling how it might turn out until you see it for yourself. In the case of Steve Carell – who is best known as Michael Scott, manager of the sometimes awkward Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, on Office – the transition couldn’t have been smoother and, now, seeing him lead a miniseries like The patient nothing extraordinary.

The original 10-episode FX thriller from creators Joel Fields and Joseph Weisberg stars the Oscar nominee as a psychotherapist held prisoner by a man (the extremely versatile Domhnall Gleeson) who turns out to be a serial killer and demands to be cured of his murderous tendencies. To see powerful artists like these in The patient The cast is enough to pique my interest, but we’ll be sure to talk about the limited series‘ supporting players as well in our following breakdown of who’s playing whom.

Steve Carell in The Patient

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Steve CarellAlan Strauss

Recently widowed therapist Alan Strauss in The patient is just the latest major dramatic role for the hilarious Steve Carell, whose aforementioned Oscar nomination was for the 2014 true crime thriller, foxcatcher. Since he left the Desk cast, he teamed up with Presenter director Adam McKay for satirical biographical dramas The big court and Viceplayed the father of a recently deceased Marine in 2017 Last flag waving and the father of a young drug addict in Handsome boy the following year, and was nominated for his sixth acting Emmy for Top Apple TV+ Show, morning show, in 2020.

Of course, the star of hit comedies like Almighty Bruce, Little Miss Sun, The 40 year old virginand crazy and stupid love certainly didn’t leave his roots behind, having co-created and starred on Netflix space force and collaborated with his former Daily show buddy for political satire of writer and director Jon Stewart, Irresistible, in 2020. Also in 2022, he lent his voice to the Despicable Me prequel, Minions: The Rise of Gruas the titular criminal mastermind – his best-known animated character, besides Hammy in Over the limit and the Mayor of Whoville at Horton hears a who!

Domhnall Gleeson in The Patient

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Domhnall Gleeson (Sam Fortner)

Alan’s patient (and homicidal kidnapper) Sam Fortner might be Domhnall Gleeson’s darkest role yet, but it’s a pretty close race for the multi-talented entertainer who also played a pirate. IT in 2012. Dredchewed the scenery as General Hux in the last star wars movies, and was in Darren Aronofsky’s polarizing thriller, mother! He also played a pioneer in The ghosta sleazy CIA agent American madea former Irish mob hitman in 2019 The kitchenand reunited with Alex Garland for the sci-fi cautionary tale Ex-Machina (a few years after playing a robot himself in one of the best black mirror episodes, “Be Right Back”).

However, the Irish actor’s filmography is not without his more particularly light-hearted roles, such as Levin in 2012’s Anna Kareninaa hopeless romantic with the gift of time travel in 2013 About timean aspiring songwriter in 2014 Francthe creator of Winnie the Pooh in Goodbye Christopher Robinone of Saoirse Ronan’s love interests in brooklynand Thomas McGregor in the Peter Rabbit movies. Gleeson has also worked with his father, Emmy winner Brendan Gleeson, on several occasions, such as in the Amazon Prime original comedy, Irish Franc (which he and his brother, Brian, also co-created), and, most famously, the Harry Potter movies, like Bill Weasley.

Linda Edmond in The Patient

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Linda Emond (Candace Fortner)

Playing Sam’s devoted (and morally conflicted) mother, Candace, on The patient is three-time Tony nominee Linda Emond, who made her screen debut in the 1989 fantasy drama, God’s will. She then worked with Oscar nominee Ed Harris in the artist’s 2000 biopic Pollockthen shared the screen with Oscar winners Robert De Niro and Frances McDormand in 2002 City by the seaand, in 2005, starred alongside fellow Oscar darling Jennifer Connelly (in dark water) and Charlize Theron (in Northern country). Other Academy favorites she has worked with include Meryl Streep and Amy Adams in 2009. Julia and JuliaHolly Hunter in The big sickand Sandra Bullock in Netflix the unforgivable.

Emond’s presence on the small screen dates back to guest appearances on hit shows like LA Law in the early 90s and The Sopranos in 2000 – years before his recurring roles in the Gossip Girl cast as headmistress Queller, on The good wife as Judge Leora Kuhn, and on The black list like Dr. Adrian Shaw. She landed a starring role in AMC Lodge 49 and will later appear in HBO Season 3 Succession like Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven. She recently reprized her role in Law and Order: SVU as Dr. Emily Sopher, who is actually just one of many characters she’s played in Dick Wolf’s crime procedural franchise.

Laura Niemi in The Patient

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Laura Niemi (Beth Strauss)

As Alan Strauss’ recently deceased wife, Beth, we have Laura Niemi, who made her screen debut in the 1999 rock drama, born to losewhich she followed with appearances on TV shows like Firefly, The Sopranos and Criminal minds to name a few, as well as daytime soap operas like general hospital, more recently. She also had notable recurring roles in the Justified cast and NBC It’s us cast, and most recently appeared on the stranger things Season 4 premiere as Eleven’s high school teacher, Ms. Gracey.

Other films Niemi is known for include director David Schwimmer’s 2010 drama, Trustbiopic directed by Ashton Kutcher in 2013, Works, as the tech mogul’s secretary, and horror-comedy chastity bites of the same year. She starred alongside Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck and more on Netflix The last thing he wanted in 2020, and opposite Angelina Jolie in Taylor Sheridan Those who want me dead the next year.

Andrew Leeds of The Patient

(Image credit: FX)

Andrew Leeds (Ezra Strauss)

As Alan’s estranged son, Ezra, we have Andrew Leeds, who previously worked with Steve Carell when he appeared on the pilot of The morning show and once worked in an FX original when he landed guest appearances on Pinch/Tuck and Dirt in the early 2000s, and american horror story and Philadelphia is always sunny in the following years. The actor’s most notable TV credits include his recurring roles in movies like Bones and Barry, and starring roles in the short-lived ABC sitcom Crystal and NBC also canceled prematurely, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and its holiday special from 2021.

Leeds landed his first credited feature film role aged 14 with 1995 Major Payne (with Damon Wayans in the title role) after making his uncredited film debut opposite Michael J. Fox in 1993 Life with Mikey. It has since appeared in the 2015s Surroundings as a casting agent and in the Funny Holiday Comedy Office Christmas Party as technical engineer douchebag, which are pretty much his biggest movie credits to date.

David Alan Grier of The Patient

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David Alan GrierCharlie Addison

Steve Carell isn’t the only one The patient actor with a background in comedy as David Alan Grier also stars as Alan’s former mentor and therapist, Charlie. However, this is not the old In living color actor’s first dramatic attempt, after playing an abusive stepfather in the classic horror anthology film Tales from the Hooda cop who takes care of some savage phenomena in the years 1995 Jumanjia netflx hospital archivist A series of unfortunate events adaptation, and recurring roles in creator Ava DuVernay’s original OWN sugar queen and Spectrum’s Neo-Western series, Joe Pickettmore recently.

The actor’s other biggest hits in the comedy world include the 1988 parody Blaxploitation I will make you suck, Boomerang with Eddie Murphy, the group led by Craig Robinson peoples from 2013, and from Netflix Coffee and Kareem, which only covers some of his most well-known big-screen credits. Some might recognize Grier better from TV credits like The Carmichael Show as Jerrod Carmichael’s on-screen father, Netflix Daddy stop embarrassing me as the on-screen father of Jamie Foxx, Fox’s short-lived series The nice kidsand two feature films Wizard of Oz adaptations (2005 The Muppets Wizard of Oz and The Wiz live! in 2015).

Try not to lose your mind how much The patient cast is when you start watching it on FX. You can also stream the new thriller with a Hulu subscription.


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