‘The Office’ is the only TV show I come back to, over and over again



Of all the things that brought me comfort during the immense uproar in 2021, Office is right at the top of the list. The TV show is set in a rather lackluster American city called Scranton. The day-to-day life of a group of modest office workers, making a decent living working for an unmotivated paper company (there are always exceptions like Dwight) hardly seems to be the plot of a TV show. iconic comedy – except that it is.

The show’s creators and writers have managed to showcase their friendships and relationships in the generally limited workspace available to them, and they’ve done a terrific job of turning it into a series that has remained popular eight years later. its end.

Over the past two years, I have lost count of how many times I have watched this show. Sometimes I sit down to watch the show, laughing at the jokes I now know come next, often saying the lines out loud. The other days the show plays in the background while I drink coffee, cook dinner, or go about the day’s chores.

The humor in this rather simplistic show is often predictable, but I guess that’s what comforts me and many other viewers who swear by its ability to lift their spirits on the worst days. Whether it’s Jim’s pranks or Dwight’s over-enthusiasm or Michael’s relentless need to be congratulated, at the end of a bad (or even good) day, Office is a source of comfort and familiarity – like a cup of hot chocolate at the end of a cold day.

Another great thing about this show is its wonderful meme value. If you are a regular user of social media, the chances that you have come across a meme template or GIF that was taken from Office are quite high.

Numerous research surveys have pointed out that the show, available on streaming platforms around the world, has continued to gain popularity over time. Singer Billie Eilish, who was enthused by her love for the show, even wrote a song dedicated to her. It is called My strange addiction (mine too, Billie).

Finding consistent comedic value in something as monotonous as selling paper probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But the writers of Office have done a great job creating a memorable piece that continues to resonate with viewers across continents.



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