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Should a man hold on and fight for pride and honor or run to his phone to fight on social media?

World champion longboarder and San Diego black belt grappler Joel Tudor continued his hot Instagram streak by publicly lambasting the professional surfer who was nearly beheaded by another competitor’s board in a small, crummy qualifying event.

Two weeks, maybe you remember, maybe not, Californian Levi Slawson was in a round against Brazilian Magno Pacheco at the Cabarete Pro in the Dominican Republic.

Slawson was winning, had priority, used said priority late in the inning to prevent Pacheco from winning, whereupon Pacheco kicked Levi, narrowly missing the lead.

After the event, Slawson posted the incident on IG.

“I had right of way and took that wave from him at the end of the run, I guess that was his reaction…he said it was an ‘accident’ @magnopachecoo to think what would have happened if your fins actually hit me (mind blowing emoji) so happy to be ok! Time to move on to the next event! Feel free to repost. Thanks to @wsl @wsl.qs for moving quickly to this subject !! “

The comments were almost entirely on Slawson’s side.

Later, Pacheco issued some sort of apology, although he continued to assert that he was not targeting Slawson with the advice.

Around the same time, the WSL issued a statement indefinitely suspending three-time boarding world champion Joel Tudor following “baseless accusations of corruption and inciting social media-based attacks against the WSL. and the direction of the tour”.

The suspension followed a series of heated messages, interviews, with and from Tudor following a rumour, possibly started here, that the World Surf League was to cut the longboard world tour from three events to one.

Anyway, in a comment written by Tudor and later deleted by Slawson, the ultra-purist Tudor expresses dismay at Slawson’s handling of the event.

“Stop crying like a wimp and punch him if you got a problem,” Tudor wrote.

Which isn’t the worst advice if you can use your hands or have been schooled in the art of choking and have a legal team to get you out of jail and out of a civil trial, but a kid from Encinitas against a surly, heavily tattooed Brazilian?

What is your position on the issue?

Fight or humiliate on social networks?

A very good discussion of the event, including Scott Bass’ assertion that Pacheco’s professional career is over, is on the Spit! podcast below.

About an hour and ten minutes.


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