The medium will soon be on television!


The Medium hits TV in a new psychological horror series.

A deal between Bloober and Platige confirming the release of its 2021 horror game The Medium is in development for TV.

The film industry and the video game industry are close to mine, said Bloober Team President Piotr Babieno. I am very happy that there is finally an opportunity to bring the two people together. The story we told of the game was loved by players, and now more people can hear about it.


Tomasz Baginski, an Oscar-nominated Polish director, will be responsible for this project. A simple idea that I can get more out of my computer is a challenge. I’m happy to have had the pleasure of working on a project like The Medium with a very talented team.

According to Babieno, Baginski’s involvement shows how seriously the team takes adaptation. Everyone working on the concept for the series felt like they were working on something special, he said. We hope that the quality of the series will be demonstrated so that this enthusiasm is visible.

The support will be a collaboration between Bloober Team and Platige Image, with the company and the company sharing the costs if this becomes a reality.

The Middle – January 2021 Screenshots: 1. 11 Images

A detailed review of The Medium gave it 8/10 and said, “An absorbing and harrowing journey from the scream of its first jump scare to its last breath, The Medium delivers a psychological horror adventure that is all suspenseful and intoxicating.

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