The Longview Company To Be Featured On A&E Hit TV Show “Shipping Wars”


LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – A Longview company will take center stage nationwide and will be featured in A&E’s reality TV series “Shipping Wars”.

FOX 51’s Sarah Alegre gives a preview of what to expect onscreen.

Where do you find an amphibious car that goes to the water with a two-story Lighthouse duplex next to it and a two-bedroom trailer right behind?

The answer? Ethan Langley’s five acre lot in Longview where you will find his world renowned business, American RV Restoration.

“On our five acres and 15,000 square feet of indoor facilities, we replace, repair and restore RVs all day long,” said Ethan Langley, owner of American RV Restoration, where he and his team say the business is booming.

Andrew Pleban, an employee of American RV Restoration, said people came from all over the world to visit the Langley company. Pleban said he received visitors from New York, Washington state and even Canada.

“It’s a dream come true and they’re finding us now,” Langley said of “Shipping Wars”.

“When customers come in and see the work we’ve done, they’re like ‘thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for’, and it’s so rewarding,” said Pleban.

Andrew Pleban, employee at American RV Restoration

In his episode, they focused on transportation.

“They were shipping an RV from state to state,” Langley said. “It was really cool that we got to be part of this and I am so blessed.”

Motorhomes aren’t the only item people will find in this park. Langley gives new meaning to just about everything. Whether it’s ripped trailers, rusted cars or an archaic stagecoach, for Langley it’s about making history come alive.

As the old saying goes, one man’s garbage is another’s treasure.


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