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Director Adam Wingard is currently taking the tour of his monster mash-up, Godzilla vs. Kong, but before bringing the titans to the big screen in this big-budget blockbuster, Wingard designed the equally exciting The guest. Since the film’s release in 2014, fans have been wondering if a sequel will see the light of day, with some believing it should have spawned a franchise similar to John wick, and now Wingard has teased his idea of ​​a limited series to continue the story in Guest 2.

“So even though I didn’t have a guest suite, [screenwriter] Simon [Barrett] and I talked about it. We don’t necessarily have something that we’re still passionate about in and of itself, but I told Dan about it. Recently I saw Dan once a week, and we hang out and relax. So we talked about it a lot, but there is nothing concrete. But I will say we have a very special Guest “suite” that I am working on in an unconventional way. It has to do with the music of The Guest, so there’s going to be a big guest affair coming up very soon which I think is going to delight people. But no films in preparation yet. There is also a potential limited series down the line for that. Instead of doing a direct sequel to The Guest, we could make it a limited series as a sequel. But again, that’s just not where our heads are at right now, so we’ll see. “

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So during Adam wingard clearly has big plans to continue The guest in one form or another, namely a project involving the wonderful electronic soundtrack of the 80s, nothing is concrete right now. But one Guest 2 limited series could well be in the future of the franchise.

Featuring The beauty and the Beast Dan Stevens (this is the “Dan” Wingard refers to here), The guest sees Stevens as a mysterious man who comes to visit the grieving family of an old army buddy. The family welcome Stevens’ “David” to their home as they adjust to life without their son. The more time David spends with the family, the more he charms them and their community, but after a series of mysterious deaths, allusions to his past begin to emerge and tease a horrible secret that he has kept from everyone. .

Anchored by a central magnetic performance of Stevens, The guest is a pulp-like treat, and while it may not have been a major financial success, Wingard reveals that the film found a much larger audience amid the current global situation, which has it. got to think a little more to bring Guest 2 to live.

“Well, the simple answer is that The Guest was a slow-burning cult classic. It’s a movie that was pretty largely unknown when it was released. It did critically well, but it only really picked up on that. Last year. [current circumstances], when it was re-released on Netflix, it finally caused a stir with the public. People finally started to see it, and it was number one movie on Netflix for a little while. “

In addition to working on Guest 2, Wingard has a lot going on right now, including a sequel to a ’90s action movie. Face / Off and an adaptation of the beloved animated series, Thunder Cats. It comes to us from Hollywood journalist.

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