‘The Chosen’: Life of Jesus TV Show Films Third Season in Texas


Filming for the third season of the popular faith-based series “The Chosen” began in late April and continued through May at locations across Texas.

“We love seeing these familiar faces back on set of #TheChosenSeason3,” the show tweeted.

“The Chosen” is a multi-season show featuring the life of Jesus.

The highlight of the first week of filming was ending the first week of filming, said Dallas Jenkins, creator, writer, director and executive producer of the series.

“The first week went really well,” he said in a video interview. “The indicator is that when you go to bed at night, something is still bothering you – I feel like we haven’t quite figured it out – that usually doesn’t happen. It certainly doesn’t was the case this week.

When will ‘The Chosen’ Season 3 be released?

Filming of season 3 of “The Chosen”

After a few weeks of filming, “The Chosen” has released two videos that give fans a behind-the-scenes look at everything that happens on set, including the addition of an obedient dog to the cast.

A second video, released a week later, features short interviews and cast reflections after the second week of filming at Benbrook Lake, a reservoir in Texas. The video introduces fans to Luke Dimyan, the actor playing Judas Iscariot, along with other new cast members.

Season 3 will feature scenes of Jesus and his apostles at the Sea of ​​Galilee, according to this Facebook post.

How to watch “The Chosen”


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