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In May 2022, HBO Max is set to release the mystery miniseries The staircase surrounding Michael Peterson and the death of his wife Kathleen. The show, starring Colin Firth and Toni Collette, is sure to be a hit among fans of the mystery genre, especially those who love series that can be binged in a weekend. In the lead up to the show’s release, there are plenty of other miniseries viewers that mystery buffs should check out.

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In miniseries like the stranger and sharp objects, viewers will be drawn into a web of secrets and lies that make for a great mystery to be solved throughout each episode and an empowering experience that makes for great television. These mysterious miniseries are sure to tease minds and create a great viewing experience.

ten The Woman in the House Opposite the Girl in the Window (2022) – 6.4

Stream on Netflix

Kristen Bell in The Woman at Home

by Netflix The woman in the house opposite the girl at the window tells the story of Anna, a mother still grappling with the death of her daughter and unable to leave the house. When a new man and his daughter move in across the street, Anna thinks it’s her chance to be herself again. However, things take a dark turn when she witnesses a murder at the new neighbor’s house.

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Kristen Bell takes on the lead role and does an outstanding job. Anna’s sadness and inability to pull herself out of her depression will be relatable to many, but the show also offers plenty of laughs. The woman at home… also provides a plot that leaves viewers wondering and guessing until the very end, and even when the truth is revealed, it only leaves the audience wanting more.

9 Stay Close (2021) – 7.0

Stream on Netflix

Megan watches her family in Stay Close

The Netflix series stay close is a mysterious thriller full of twists and turns. The story takes a look at the life of soon-to-be-married Megan Pierce, whose perfect world is turned upside down when her past begins to come back to haunt her.

stay closeThe biggest plot twists will have jaws on the floor. The show does a great job of pushing the mystery to the very last episode, while throwing in some questionable action supporting characters that further open up the plot.


8 Nine Perfect Strangers (2021) – 7.0

Stream on Hulu

The Hulu Original Series Nine perfect strangers is a complex show that will force viewers to question everything. When nine stressed townspeople travel to a spa and wellness resort, they find the resort manager, Masha, who has mysterious plans for them. They must soon fight to survive the former heavenly haven turned into hell.

Nine perfect strangers has an outstanding cast with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Luke Evans and many more. With these incredible actors and actresses, viewers have certainly seen the Nine perfect strangers previously cast in numerous movies and TV shows. The series explores the social stigma surrounding mental health and the issues that are often hidden. This subject and the chilling mystery at the heart of the series is able to capture audiences with every scene.

7 Clickbait (2021) – 7.2

Stream on Netflix

Clickbait Netflix Ending

A mystery with a depressing and sad ending, Clickbait is still a great mystery miniseries to check out on Netflix. The series follows family man Nick Brewer, whose kidnapping is broadcast online with a grim ending in play. As his time runs out, twisted and dark secrets are revealed.

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The series was not well received by some critics, however, its teasing plot is something that many viewers enjoyed and appreciated. The show is a puzzle that is only enhanced by the performance of Adrian Grenier and his comrades.

6 The Stranger (2021) – 7.3

Stream on Netflix

the stranger is a British mini-series available to stream on Netflix. The series follows Adam Price, a devoted husband and father, who is told by a stranger wearing a cap that his wife is keeping a secret from him and has faked her pregnancy in the past.

The series exudes a non-violent vigilante vibe that manages to keep audiences entertained. the stranger introduces a second storyline that interweaves into the main plot. As the series progresses, audiences are taken down a winding road of secrets and lies that will grip them until the very last episode.

5 Station Eleven (2021-2022) – 7.7

Stream on HBO Max

A worried Kirsten Raymonde staring into the distance

station eleven is a dystopian mystery miniseries that premiered on HBO Max in 2021 with a run of 10 episodes. The series picks up 20 years after a flu pandemic caused civilization to collapse, leaving only a few survivors. In an attempt to rebuild, a group of survivors who make a living as traveling artists encounter a cult with violent motives.

The series delves into the backstory of every significant character, bringing vitality to the plot and ensuring audiences understand the motives behind each character’s actions and thought processes. station eleven currently holds a Rotten Tomatoes score of 98% just to validate that the limited series is stunning and thought-provoking.

4 Defending Jacob (2020) – 7.9

Stream to Apple TV+

Released on Apple TV+ in 2020, Defend Jacob is a mystery miniseries following assistant DA Andy Barber, who faces intense scrutiny and judgment when his 14-year-old son is framed as a murderer. These allegations leave Andy caught between his duty to uphold the law and his duty to be a father and stand by his son.

The miniseries has received generally favorable reviews and is among the most popular Apple TV+ original shows. Chris Evans, who plays Andy Barber, does an incredible job portraying a man caught between protecting his family and his job. The miniseries’ many reveals will keep viewers hooked.

3 Sharp Objects (2018) – 8.1

Stream on HBO Max

A dysfunctional family wrapped up in a cute little Southern arc, the Crellins have plenty of secrets in the eight-episode miniseries Sharp objects. When journalist Camille Preaker returns to her hometown on a mission to investigate mysterious unsolved crimes, she reopens the doors to her childhood trauma.

Released in 2018, Sharp objects features a star-studded cast with Amy Adams in her first small-screen lead role. This psychological mystery miniseries is well worth watching and boasts one of the best TV series finales of the 2010s. Audiences will enjoy the main characters’ journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Plus, revealing scenes and intense dialogue prompt the viewer to see that it’s not all black and white.

2 Easttown Pond (2021) – 8.5

Available on HBO Max

Mare standing outside in Easttown Mare.

In Easttown MarePolice Detective Marianne “Mare” Sheehan must investigate the brutal murder of one young girl and the disappearance of another while trying to save her own life from falling apart.

The miniseries, dealing with more than its central mystery, explores the process of grieving and burying oneself in other things to escape the inevitable grief that comes with it. Viewers will experience a stellar performance from the female cast, including Kate Winslet, who pushes this mystery miniseries into something more than just a murder-solving show.

1 The Haunting of Hill House (2018) – 8.6

Available on Netflix

Another Netflix Original series that seems to span many genres, The Haunting of Hill House incorporates elements of mystery, horror, romance and action. The series follows five siblings all dealing with separate childhood traumas brought on by their experience living in Hill House.

The Haunting of Hill House will surely leave viewers wanting more. Its intense nature explores family ties and how family trauma often remains undiscussed and unresolved, leading to feelings being suppressed and spilled over into adulthood.

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