Tabula Rasa Farm Stand Hosts Series ‘Corks and Pork’ Wine Tasting Events in the Heart of the Willamette Valley



August 19 – Carlton Regenerative Agriculture Farm’s First Event Series Featuring Small Bites with Food and Wine Pairings Hosted by Chef Brett Uniss

Who: Tabula Rasa Farms, a working farm and thought leader in the regenerative agriculture movement located in Carlton, Oregon.

What: Savor the flavor at the “Corks and Pork” series of special wine tasting events. Each event will serve delicious bites of heritage breed pork prepared by Chef Brett Uniss of Tabula Rasa Farms, accompanied by some of the best wines from the Willamette Valley.

Tabula Rasa Farms is a small grazing farm located in the wine country of Oregon just minutes from downtown Carlton. The property includes a farm stall showcasing its tasty, nutrient-dense meats along with artisan products and locally made wines, as well as a farm vacation rental home and tours of the surrounding area.

Where: The farm stand at Tabula Rasa Farms, 14820 NW Meadow Lake Road, Carlton, Oregon 97111


Cost: Tickets range from $ 5.00 to $ 30.00 and can be purchased online at

Additional details: https: //

About Tabula Rasa Farms

Tabula Rasa Farms is a small pasture farm located in the wine country of Oregon, just minutes from downtown Carlton, in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Founded by artist-turned-farmer Brenda Smola-Foti, it is dedicated to regenerative farming practices, maintaining a sustainable agricultural ecosystem where animals thrive, the land is enriched, and community is welcome. Tabula Rasa Farms raises grass-fed beef, grass-fed beef, pastured pork and pasture-raised laying hens in a natural and respectful manner. The property includes a farm stand showcasing its tasty and nutrient-dense meats, as well as locally made artisan products and wines, as well as a Scandinavian-inspired farmhouse vacation rental home and acreage tours. surrounding. Learn more about and /.



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