Stephen King’s favorite miniseries is now streaming on Hulu


Close the hatches.

Stephen King has taken to Twitter to declare that his favorite self-written miniseries is streaming for your viewing pleasure on Hulu! The limited series of jellies Storm of the Century is a chilling murder mystery, and it’s absolutely must-watch TV. It’s also one of the few projects that Stephen King wrote directly for the screen, rather than adapting it from one of his novels. The snowy coastal story is totally Stephen King, from the setting to its ensemble. Any fans who haven’t seen it yet should look it up ASAP. Check out his Tweets about it below.

In Storm of the Century, a gigantic blizzard cuts off the residents of Little Tall Island, and it doesn’t take long for murder and darkness to seep into the tight-knit community. Although the series is not an adaptation of any previous work by King, it is still one of the most intimate and thrilling stories the writer has ever produced.

Stephen King wrote the project as a miniseries for ABC. The event was directed by Craig R. Bailey and features the acting talents of Tim Daly, Debrah Farentino and Dyllan Christopher. As I mentioned before, there was no book to base the screenplay on. Storm of the Century on. However, the screenplay was still being sold as a mainstream book in February 1999, just weeks before its initial release.

The snowy setting of Little Tall Island is one of the best and most socially claustrophobic places in King’s history. It is also featured in the excellent novel Dolores Claiborne (and its film adaptation). The chilling atmosphere and stellar performances make this three-parter a perineal winter retrospective. King himself has even declared the series a personal favorite, including in these recent Tweets:

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Finally, are you going to take a trip to Little Tall Island by checking out Storm of the Century on Hulu? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always here to chat about all things Stephen King!

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