Spider-Man battles demons in LA in new miniseries


In two rarities for the web-slinger, Spider-Man is not only about to leave New York for Los Angeles, Calif., but he’ll be battling demons.

The friendly neighborhood of New York Spider Man change of scenery in an all-new five-issue miniseries titled Deadly Quarter Spider-Man. The series is set to follow the web-slinger as he finds himself away from his home base of New York for once. Instead, he will take a trip to the City of Angels: Los Angeles, California.

The City of Angels moniker is particularly ironic in this instance, as Spider-Man won’t be up against the typically colorful and boastful villains of his rogues gallery. Instead, Spidey will face real demons. The demons that roam the streets of Los Angeles include the infamous Demon Bear, an entity closely tied to Native American heroes that has clashed with the New Mutants in the past.


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In an exclusive miniseries reveal, Yarn SYFY calls this upcoming tale a “groundbreaking dark take” on the character of Spider-Man unlike anything we’ve seen before with the character. In the same SYFY preview, it’s revealed that the limited series will feature a writing team consisting of former Black Eyed Peas rapper Taboo and frequent comic book collaborator B. Real. Meanwhile, Juan Ferreyra (Spider Verse: Spider Zero) will lead the art. Art covers will be drawn by Rahzzah (The Immortal Hulk), Momoko Peach (Marvel’s Demon Days), Josemaría Casanovas (Wastelanders The Amazing Spider-Man), and Rafael Albuquerque (american vampire). Along with revealing a June 1 release date, SYFY also reveals cover art for Deadly Neighborhood Spider Man.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man’s character debut in Marvel, so celebrating by taking Spider-Man out of the town he’s spent so long protecting is a bold and interesting move. It’s also an inspired choice as writer Taboo bases the California setting on his childhood home in Los Angeles. “Being the first Indigenous writer to co-write this new Spider-Man comic with my brother B. Earl is a big step in opening more doors for underrepresented talent to shape universally known comic book characters.“, said Tabou. “As a lifelong Spider-Man fan, this is a childhood dream come true.”

When Taboo and I discovered we had the green light for a new Peter Parker adventure, we began to seriously weave a story that would build on our strengths of leveraging Indigenous storytelling while balancing the intersection of pop-culture.“, Earl said.”Since we’re both in Los Angeles, we decided to bring Spidey to sunny California…but tell a dark horror fantasy story that will eventually turn our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man DEAD!

Beyond the setting, surrounding Spider-Man with demons is itself a different change of pace for the character. While Spidey is no stranger to encountering the supernatural, that’s not exactly his expertise. More often than not, Spider-Man’s adventures place him in the realm of science, with a rogue gallery of men with mechanical octopus arms and genetically engineered goblins. This new miniseries is already proving to be an exception to the rule unlike anything audiences have seen so far. For those who wish to see such a drastic change in setting and tone for the character, Deadly Neighborhood Spiderman #1 is set to hit digital stores and local comic shops as early as June 1, 2022.

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Source: Yarn SYFY

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