Sony is preparing a movie AND a Gran Turismo TV show


Yesterday we reported on Sony’s announcement that they are working on adapting a number of their popular video game IPs to other mediums. Along with announcing a Horizon show from Netflix and a God of War show from Amazon, Sony also announced a Gran Turismo show. Interestingly, it looks like Sony is betting big on GT, as they’re working on both a TV show and a movie.

In a new report from Deadlinethe website has revealed exclusive information about an unannounced Gran Turismo movie. According to the deadlineFollowing the success of the movie Uncharted (which has grossed over $400 million to date), Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions are teaming up again to adapt an IP video game into a movie – namely Gran Turismo.

The details are currently quite light, however, according to the report, Sony is eyeing director Neill Blomkamp for the project. Blomkamp is best known for directing science fiction films, including District 9, Elysium, and Chappie. The choice for him to direct a Gran Turismo film is therefore interesting.

Very little is known about this project so far., with the plot apparently very tight on the chest at the moment. Despite the lack of plot details, the fact that Sony has cast a known director for sci-fi films and the announcement of a TV show based on Gran Turismo means that the two projects are already in a position interesting.

It will be curious to see what these two projects end up being, and if there is any connection or connection between the two. We will have to wait and see.

KitGuru says: What do you think of this announcement? What do you want to see from the Gran Turismo show? What about the movie? Let us know below.

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