Shoaib Akhtar quits TV show after meeting host


ISLAMABAD: Former speedster Shoaib Akhtar sparked controversy after leaving a TV show on Tuesday night following disagreements with host, cricket commentator Nauman Niaz.

Akhtar, during the T20 World Cup live broadcast on PTV Sports, said he had “resigned” as the channel’s cricket analyst and walked away after Niaz called him “rude”, adding that the former paceman was “free to leave” show if he wanted.

Akhtar was asked if Pakistan had spoiled the lawsuit against New Zealand. He disagreed and, ignoring the host’s line of questioning, decided to talk about Rauf and chose to praise Lahore Qalanders, a Pakistani Super League (PSL) franchise, and of his trainer, Aaqib Javed for discovering and nurturing the bowler. .

“He’s the guy who deserves all the credit. It was Lahore Qalanders who gave us Haris Rauf, ”Akhtar said, pointing to the former test coach, as Noman tried to interrupt him.

The host, clearly annoyed and irritated, told Akhtar that he had “misbehaved with him” and that he would not tolerate this and in such circumstances it was better that he quit the show and quit the show. ‘he then takes a commercial break.

After the break when transmission resumed, there was more drama when Akhtar said he would like to “end the unpleasant incident” but first asked for an apology from the host who didn’t. moved and started discussing the game.

Minutes later, Akhtar turned to his fellow panel experts and, after apologizing to them, announced his resignation from PTV Sports.

“My apologies for this, but I immediately resign from PTV Sports because I was insulted and mistreated on live television in front of the nation, ”he said.

He then stood up, took off his microphone and left. Host Niaz made no attempt to call him back and showed no reaction and continued the show normally.

After video cuts of the incident went viral on social media, Akhtar took to Twitter to make a video statement.

“There are several clips circulating on social media, so I thought I needed to clarify. Dr Nauman was obnoxious (sic) and rude [when] he asked me to quit the show, ”he tweeted.

“It was particularly embarrassing [when you] have legends like Sir Vivian Richards and David Gower sitting on set with some of my contemporaries and old people, and millions of people watching.

“I tried to save everyone from the embarrassment by saying I was shooting [Niaz’s] leg with this mutual understanding that [he] will also apologize politely and we will continue the show, which he refused to do. Then I had no other choice, ”he added.

Nauman also took to Twitter to explain his version of the incident.

The other guests on the show, including cricketer greats Sir Vivian Richards, Gower, Rashid Latif, Umar Gul, Rashid Latif, Javed and women’s cricket captain Sana Mir, were clearly shaken by the incident. .


On Wednesday, Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry took note of the incident and formed a review panel, which will be headed by PTV’s director general.

People from other sectors, including PTV’s human resources (HR) department, will also sit on the committee.

The committee will determine why the dispute between the two took place and send its findings to the Minister of Information.

If the results show Dr. Nauman Niaz’s error, the committee will take action against him.


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