RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Seaford student takes part in popular TV show



Anubis Finch was a student at Seaford Head School before joining the ranks of ESC Lewes campus where she developed as a performer. S

he appeared on the new series of the long-awaited BBC show RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, but was sadly the first contestant to leave the show. However, she emerged with great support from the jury which included Matt Lucas and Graham Norton.

Matt Lucas praised Anubis’ “pretty” look on the catwalk during the show and said: “It’s weird saying that as a comedian because I always say there isn’t of vanity in comedy but in fact you are so pretty that I have seen more of your ‘pretty’.


Meanwhile, RuPaul was full of support and positivity, saying, “You are a beautiful young queen with a bright future.”

Speaking about his involvement with the BBC show, Anubis said: “It’s a little surreal to be fair. I’ve been watching the show for seven years and I’ve always loved musical theater, always loved drag, loved the stage and the music, so this show obviously incorporates all of my passions. I auditioned for this quite a while ago, then luckily I succeeded and now here we are today. It’s great, but very surreal.

Anubis is now touring the UK and fulfilling dreams that have come true since leaving ESC.

She said: “I am currently touring Scotland and then Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, London and Brighton. It’s very busy but worth it! It’s great to be able to go out and I’m just happy that I can do that with Covid and all. “


Anubis recalled her experiences at ESC and looked fondly at the support she received – especially from her tutors who have kept in touch to this day.

“It was one of those things where I didn’t have a good time in high school and didn’t really feel like I belonged. I’ve always felt a bit of a foreigner, ”she said.

“And then my stay in Sussex (ESC) was really nice because I felt like it was one of the first places I really fit in. I felt like I had a freedom. creative, I could express myself however I wanted and woke up ready to go to college and had fun.

“All the teachers were really helpful, really lovely and friendly. Still to this day we are in contact, this is also before the drag race they would always get in touch to see how I was. They’ve followed my career, so it’s been really lovely.


Jason Bradley, Anubis’ performing arts tutor since graduating from college, is also proud of her progress and said: “As a student at East Sussex College, Anubis was also close to the role model. , a passionate and enthusiastic student that you could hope for. teach. His raw talent for musical theater and acting was evident throughout his college career, and these skills have helped produce some of the most engaging and groundbreaking performances of the past 10 years.

“Her support for others, her ability to inspire her peers and seek to challenge herself, the audience and teachers themselves, is a skill rarely seen. Her ability to be the person she wanted to be was clearly empowering to many students around her, not only in her immediate peer group, but around the college in a larger community context.

Jason added, “As a faculty we are left with love and respect for one of the most amazing students, who will follow his career and his life.”

The first episodes of the third season of the BBC’s RuPaul’s Drag Race UK are now available on BBC iPlayer. Episodes will air weekly on the streaming site.


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