Rotorua’s Tiare Savea delighted to share her TV show debut at Duckrockers launch


The cast of the Duckrockers. Photo / Provided

For 16-year-old Tiare Savea from Rotorua, hard work and stepping out of her comfort zone are coming to fruition as the TV series Duckrockers hits the screen.

Tiare has a starring role in the upcoming TV series Duckrockers, which is set to launch and will air from Wednesday November 2 on TV2 and TVNZ+.

Duckrockers is an eight-part prequel to the hit film Sione’s Wedding.

This is a fresh, funny and heartwarming show about Pacific Island teenagers coming of age in downtown Auckland in 1984.

Tiare recreates Leilani Brown in the series. The original film The Marriage of Sione was released the year Tiare was born.

The John Paul College student has taken classes and speech and drama competitions for the past two years, and has performed in several theater shows and musicals here in Rotorua.

In addition to performing in a few local theater shows, Tiare has been studying hip-hop since age 8 and ballet since age 10.

The character she plays, Leilani Brown, is a 14-year-old girl from the Pacific Islands in the 80s.

Leilani grows up in a Mormon family, so she has the least freedom of all the characters, but she dreams of being adventurous. She wants to see the world – but she’s only allowed out with her cousin. She is always positive, bubbly, happy and loyal to the people she loves.

Tiare says it’s very exciting to have the launch of the show so close, and that her friends and family are also excited and happy for her.

Many people had asked about the show and when it was starting.

She says one of her favorite things about the filming experience was meeting the cast and crew – “We were strangers, but now we’re all family and we’ve grown really close in a short time. time.”

The hardest part was getting out of your comfort zone and doing new things, she says.

Tiare thinks a lot of people could identify with the characters from the show.

Tiare says the audition process for Duckrockers was long and nerve-wracking because you never know what’s going to happen.

“But it was a really good experience, so you learned something new every time. When I found out I had won the role, I was very excited.

“It was a relief after all the auditions to hear that they were giving me the role.”

Tiare says she would definitely like to do something like a TV show again. It was quite stressful juggling filming and school, but her teachers helped a lot.

Tauranga-raised Teuila Blakely has a diverse career as a New Zealand actor, presenter, MC and writer.

In Duckrockers, in addition to being an episode writer and associate producer, Teuila can be seen onscreen as Lana – Lelani’s mother.

Tiare Savea, 16, and Teuila Blakely in Duckrockers.  Photo / Provided
Tiare Savea, 16, and Teuila Blakely in Duckrockers. Photo / Provided

She says having the show launch just around the corner is really exciting given that they started working on Duckrockers towards the end of last year.

“It’s been a long period of really hard work and it’s still a part we enjoy. We’re excited for people to see the show.”

Teuila says the casting was amazing and the young talent went through an intensive audition.

“With the likes of Tiare, she was the one that from the first moment she walked in, you noticed her… I love them. They’re all so talented.”

She says she was also delighted to choose someone from the Bay of Plenty: “I feel like there’s so much talent in places like Rotorua and Tauranga…I hope to encourage more other young people in smaller towns and show that it is entirely possible.”

She also says, “It’s really meaningful for me personally, and for us as a collective group, to be able to create this opportunity for young Pacific talent, because it certainly wasn’t available to us.

“I guess what we do is create the work and the characters and the opportunities that we wish we had for ourselves. So it’s something special to get to a stage in life where you can make these possible things.”

Teuila thinks people will enjoy the content of the story and says Duckrockers is the kind of show the whole family can sit down and watch together.

“I hope people enjoy it. It takes you back to a nostalgic time.”

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