Ring, owned by Amazon, produces its own TV show called Ring Nation


MGM is launching a viral video show made up of funny footage from Ring security cameras.

MGM Television, a television production and distribution studio also known as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Television Group and Digital, which is owned by Amazon, is launching a new viral video show based on Ring security camera footage, which is owned and manufactured by Amazon. as well. Titled “Ring Nation,” the show is set to be a modern, surveillance-tinged take on “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

Deadline reported that comedian and actress Wanda Sykes has signed on to host Amazon’s “Ring Nation,” a project by MGM Television, Ring and Big Fish Entertainment, the production company behind “Live PD.”

Amazon’s “Ring Nation” is described as a “daily dose of unpredictable, heartwarming and hilarious viral videos,” in a press release. The show, which will air in syndication on September 26, will also feature a number of fun and eye-catching videos captured by video doorbells, smart home cameras and more.

MGM taps Wanda Sykes to host half-hour ringtone series

Barry Poznick, President of Alternative Television and Orion TV at MGM, remarked that they are continuing a “fun new take on a proven format” with “Ring Nation,” which will feature hilarious, uplifting and must-see viral content. . images from anywhere a Ring device is installed. “Ring Nation” will feature clips submitted by Ring users across the United States and highlight fun and interesting moments from neighborhoods across the country.

The host of Amazon’s next TV show is Sykes, an Emmy-winning, 11-time nominated comedian, writer, actress and producer. The 58-year-old recently appeared in the Netflix comedy ‘The Upshaws’, which she also created.

Amazon will make more content (and money) from its Ring users

Amazon’s decision to create a series such as “Ring Nation,” which relies on user submission, is a “seamless corporate synergy” for the tech giant, The Verge reported. Amazon owns MGM Television, Big Fish, and Ring, and has a vested interest in promoting Ring technology to viewers through the television series. It’s expected that many Ring users will be more incentivized to submit submissions, while those who don’t already have the Ring may want to purchase one for themselves.

For some, however, “Ring Nation” is just another way Amazon is trying to normalize the practice of monitoring people. Amazon’s Ring actually has a bad reputation for accidentally leaking people’s home addresses and providing images to law enforcement without users’ consent, TechCrunch reported.

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The US government is concerned about the privacy of Ring users

This year alone, between January and July, Amazon has turned over Ring doorbell images to US authorities up to 11 times without the consent of the device owner. Amazon’s Ring technology has also been criticized for “working closely” with at least 2,220 police departments across America, allowing police to obtain video camera footage from users’ doorbells via the Ring’s Neighbors app.

Amazon Ring has faced numerous safety and security issues while being criticized for its lack of privacy protections for its users. The US government pressured Amazon’s Ring technology and eventually revealed its ties to law enforcement in 2019, following a letter from Democratic Senator Ed Markey raising concerns about the civil liberties.

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