Rick and Morty vs. Cthulhu Miniseries Launches in December


The Oni-Lion Forge publishing group, Warner Bros. and Adult Swim announced that Rick and Morty are set for a Lovecraftian adventure in December with the launch of the new comic book miniseries. Rick and Morty vs. Cthulhu.

The Eisner-appointed creative team’s four-issue series of Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons and Dragons — writer Jim Zub, illustrator Troy Little, colorist Leonardo Ito, and letterer Crank — promises to end speculation as to why the former cosmic villain appears in the animated series’ opening credits.

“Lovecraft’s horror has stuck around for decades because it asks important questions like, ‘Does humanity matter in the face of an unknowable, uncaring universe?’ says creator Jim Zub.”rick and morty ask equally relevant questions about ourselves, our existence, and the fools that create our pop culture, so I thought it was time to butter that chocolate with peanuts and take a big bite out of it.

“Troy is one of the best comic book artists ever,” Zub continues. “His ability to take every exaggerated moment I write and translate it into jaw-dropping pages full of humor and emotion has made Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons and its sequel a huge success. We’re now back for a third interdimensional outing, but this one is even more screwed up than before. Troy’s spin on Lovecraft’s cosmic horror stories will shatter guts and break minds. You’re not ready.”

What’s worse than an off-planet sugar deal gone wrong? Stumble through a Lovecraftian hellscape with the Smith family as they battle, uh, cosmic sentient colors and racist fish? It can’t be true…

Welcome to the Rick Sanchez school for actually getting fucked! And that poor bastard Jerry declares “everything smells of cinnamon and sorrow” in this Lovecraftian epic.

Rick and Morty vs. Cthulhu Part 1: The Whisperer in the Dorkness goes on sale December 7.


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