Rapid City knife maker to appear on national TV show “Forged in Fire”


RAPID CITY, SD – Rapid City knife maker Nick Hix learned how to make swords and knives throughout his years as an artist.

A year ago, he was invited to appear on the History Channel’s show, “Forged in fire,” which airs Wednesday April 8 at 7 p.m. ET.

“I’m known as Hix Hacks just for the craziest, I guess,” said Hix, the owner of Hix Hacks. “I just hacked steel and did something with it. “

Hix made knife-making into a business and, thanks to his abilities, gained a spot on national television. Contestants on the TV show compete against each other to build iconic weapon replicas. According to Hix, it can be a little stressful.

“A competition on national television was very stressful and very difficult physically,” Hix said.

The show draws inspiration from history, crafting weapons identical to their originals. Hix says the craft keeps the story of the craft alive.

“Forged knives go back thousands of years in our history,” Hix said. “And it’s pretty amazing that there are still people keeping that alive.”

He added that people are starting to realize the art and quality of a hand-forged knife.

“He’s coming back because people appreciate, you know, what a simple tool can really do if it’s built to really good specs and artistry, basically.”

Hix teaches and organizes tours of craft shows by sharing his work.


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