Piya Valecha to join ‘Maddam Sir’ TV show cast


Actress Piya Valecha, who is currently seen on the TV show “Chhoti Sardarni”, will now appear on another popular show, “Maddam Sir – Kuch Baat Hai Kyunki Jazbaat Hai” which stars Gulki Joshi and Yukti Kapoor in the main role.

Valecha tells us: “I play a strong character in the series and my entry will bring a new twist to the plot. I play a rich woman, who owns a bar and who is very fashionable and particular with the people who are there. surrounds. I’m sure the audience will enjoy watching me. I keep my fingers crossed while doing two different shows at the same time and expect the same love and support from my viewers. “

Valecha, who featured in ‘Chandra Nandini’ until 2017, took a long hiatus of around four years and made a screen comeback in September. The actress now wants to continue working.

“I feel like a newbie every time I shoot for a new show. I’m excited but just as nervous about it and trying to work hard on my part. Thankful to work in the acting again. and now want to continue doing shows. I feel extremely happy to be back on TV. Even after all these years of working, a new show still gives me butterflies in my stomach and the excitement of doing something new every time. “

Expressing his gratitude to the industry, Valecha said, “I am very grateful for my profession which gives me the opportunity to play different roles and experience different characters each time. Over time, I have learned to explore more. layers as an actor that you have to keep evolving and keep accepting new roles and challenges. Each show has its own challenges and its own charm. It gives me the opportunity to make new ones every time. “

Valecha is also known to have participated in shows such as “Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant”, “Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls” and “Baal Veer”.


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