Phoenix area household fins featured in new A&E TV show


Pace Morby (left) and Jamil Damji (right)

Two local real estate teams will star in their own show on cable channel A&E, where the teams had just six weeks to transform an entire house.

“Triple Digit Flip” is a new take on home flipping, and the stars of the show are Phoenix-based house pinball machines Pace Morby and Jamil Damji. The pair, who are actually competitors in the local market, started working together on flips, and that’s what caught the attention of producers.

“He and I are collaborating here locally, sharing deals, doing things together even though we’re competing, so we started traveling across the country for a few years, and it was noticed,” Morby said.

The show will follow the teams around the valley, as they flip horrific homes in the neighborhood, like a house in Tempe.

“Our business is to identify these types of properties, contract them out, buy them, then use our resources to improve the property, and then sell them into the retail market. So we basically recycle older homes. and dilapidated, ”Damji said.

The team says what makes this remodeling show different from the rest is that it allows viewers to see the project from start to finish.

“It doesn’t really allow you to understand how it works. How are you going to make money? Where can I find a deal like this? How do I go about putting a house under contract? Damji said. “We actually go into the process, how do we find this house, how do I relate to myself, how do we make decisions between renovating this house or this house.”

For times, see local listings.

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