Pakistani TV show distributes free babies to childless couples


Pakistani viewers would have watched the show (which I only hope is called Who wants to have a baby?) millions to watch childless couples gain abandoned babies.

One of the lucky couple, Syed Zulfiqar Hussein and his wife Suriya Bilqees is said to have said CNN that they had no idea they would be bringing a baby girl home with them when they were first asked to be on the show.

“I was really shocked at first. I couldn’t believe we were given this little girl. I was extremely happy,” Bilqees says.

The show has met with some criticism, especially from people online, some of whom have even accused the show of child abuse.

The show’s host, Aamir Liaquat Husain, however, refuted the claims, saying the couples are carefully vetted beforehand and the show only tries to make people happy during Ramamdan.

“We created a symbol of peace and love, which is the theme of our show, to spread the love. I set an example by giving a childless couple an abandoned child,” he says.

The program has partnered with a non-governmental organization, the Chhipa Foundation, to raise awareness of the issue.

“Our team finds babies abandoned in the street, some dead, in garbage cans, others mutilated by animals. So why not make sure the baby is kept alive and finds a good home? says Ramzan Chhipa of the foundation.

Although the whole concept seems a little, well, strange, it’s nice to think that these little abandoned babies could have a chance at a good life with a loving family.

Thumbs up, Pakistani TV!



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