On Monday, an actor on the Master Chief TV show teased the news of Xbox’s 20th anniversary.


Monday, Pablo Schreiber promises “something extremely exciting”. , Kiki Wolfkill, replied to the tweet. Rumor has it that as part of the Xbox’s 20th anniversary celebrations, Microsoft will finally display or discuss the long-awaited Halo TV show on Monday. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Wolfkill said the Halo franchise as an FPS is limited in terms of storytelling opportunities since the main storyline focuses on one character: Master Chief. But with the TV show, there is an opportunity to expand the franchise and watch more characters and plot points. Microsoft’s actions with the Halo TV show may not appeal to everyone, Wolfkill admitted.

Schreiber is joined by Natascha McElhone of Californication as Dr. Halsey. Jen Taylor, who plays Cortana in video games, will also play the character on the TV show.

“In a first person shooter, there isn’t a lot of character journey because of that willingness to hold onto a part of that character for people to pour into him,” she said. . “So television gives us the ability to really focus on the character and the story in a way that’s harder to relay in a first-person game. “

“A lot of the Halo background is that kind of political drama. It’s something very light in games and seen more in some of the other mediums, ”she said. “Some of that complexity is interesting.”

Wolfkill has alluded to this previously, saying the Halo TV show will be similar to Game of Thrones in terms of “the scope, scale and complexity of the relationship.”

Unlike Game of Thrones, however, the Halo TV show will not feature incest. “No incest planned at all for this show, I’ll say that. If you’re looking for that, you won’t find it here, ”Wolfkill said.

The Halo TV show will air in 2022 on Paramount +. As for the game series, Halo Infinite will finally release on December 8, although a rumor suggests that multiplayer could be released on November 15.

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  • On Monday, an actor on the Master Chief TV show teased the news of Xbox’s 20th anniversary.
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