Nine Lives Closer to Development as a TV Miniseries


Chris Joseph and Paul Sanchez. Photo by Lee Celano.

Monitoring of OffBeat news article about nine lives being optioned as a potential TV miniseries, we learned this week from Chris Joseph (from the Threadhead Foundation) that a development deal has been reached with a production company and they are moving forward. Joseph said in a Facebook post, “A lot of work needs to be done, and like I said, that doesn’t guarantee anything. But it’s a very promising start. I couldn’t be happier.

nine lives, the book about nine characters in New Orleans spanning the years from Hurricane Betsy in 1965 to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was later adapted into a musical. Threadhead Records produced an album of the musical’s 39 songs.

Composer Paul Sanchez and writer Colman DeKay created the musical based on Dan Baum’s book. Although the potential TV miniseries may or may not contain music, Sanchez was thrilled to learn of Joseph’s efforts. “Chris Joseph just didn’t want to let nine lives fade away. After a decade of trying to turn it into a theater in New York and not finding a way to do it, I mentioned to Chris that I thought it would work better as a limited series. He asked me if I was okay with buying the rights to the book from Dan’s estate, because the option hadn’t been taken by the folks in New York who had it for a decade. I said sure, I’ve seen Chris do the impossible, so I trust him to drive the bus. Within a month he had an interested company and is now negotiating with them. It’s exciting to know that nine lives has more lives to live,” Sanchez said. Learn more about Nine Lives here:


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