Nightmare Country continues with a new miniseries in 2023


fans of The Sandman Universe: Land of Nightmaresan acclaimed mini-series continuing the story of the nightmarish monster The Corinthian – made infamous from Neil Gaimanis carefully selected Sandman Universe – will be delighted to learn that a sequel series, The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country – The Glass Housewill be released in April 2023.

Since 2018, DC Comics has partnered with Sand seller architect Neil Gaiman to create and curate an ongoing collection of various Sandman Universe series that expands on Gaiman’s classic Vertigo Sand seller series, which was recently adapted into the acclaimed Netflix series The sand man. While there have been various Sandman Universe titles released, nightmare country in particular caught the delighted attention of Sand seller fans, primarily due to the impeccable writing of horror master James Tynion IV and focus on The Corinthiana fan-favorite “villain” of the Sand seller comics and television series.


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DC Comics announced a whole series of exciting news related to the constant expansion Sandman Universeincluding two different collections of paperbacks from the first volume of The Sandman Universe: Land of Nightmaresa series following nightmare countryand a brand new limited series The Sandman Universe: Dead Boy Detectives, which will follow the misadventures of child ghost detectives Edwin and Charles. James Tynion IV – master horror writer known for Wynd, something kills children, and Nice house by the lake – will continue his DC Black Label series nightmare country featuring artwork by first-volume artist Lisandro Estherren and a team of acclaimed guest artists, who often illustrate character sequences in “The Dreaming”. The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country Vol. 1 was a beautiful, gruesome, and intimate glimpse into the horrors of modern America, introducing the terrifying villains Mr. Agony and Mr. Ecstasy, and setting up a kind of glorious showdown between fallen angels, Satan, America’s billionaires, the frightening but unsettling existential Corinthian. The Sandman Universe: Land of Nightmares writer James Tynion IV had this to say about Land of Nightmares – The Glass House:

“I’m thrilled to announce that Nightmare Country’s follow-up miniseries, The Glass House, is coming in early 2023. The Corinthian is set to travel to Silicon Valley, where he will battle Angels, Demons, and a race of creatures. far more terrifying than anything he’s faced before – venture capitalists. Lisandro and I are thrilled to continue this nightmarish tour through modern America and can’t wait for you all to see what we have in store for you.”

The Corinthian can’t help but be a nightmare

DC Comics has also unveiled some gorgeous covers for Land of Nightmares – The Glass House #1 and #2, illustrated by Reiko Murakami, a spellbinding cover for Dead Boy Detectives #1, with art by Nimit Malavia, as well as an ethereal and terrifying tie-in cover between Tight and Dead Boy Detectives, illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano. Excitingly, Dead Boy Detectives — written by Pornsak Pichetshote (The good asian) with works by Jeff Stokely and Miquel Muerto – will be directly linked to the ongoing storylines and revealed in Land of Nightmares – The Glass House. The conclusion of the first volume of nightmare country Reintroduced Thessaly – first introduced in 1991 The Sandman #32, “A Game of You”a powerful and former witch living in Hollywood, who will play a main role in Dead Boy Detectives which mingles with the path on which the Corinthian and Madison Flynne are engaged. The screenwriter of the Pichetshote series reports: “Although Thessaly the Witch is an important player in the nightmarish land of James and Lisandro, Dead Boy Detectives can still move its story forward while telling this very personal horror tale about Thai ghosts in Los Angeles – in events which will continue and directly impact Nightmare Country. .” This feat is made possible thanks to Dead Boy Detectives release between Nightmarish Country Vol. 1 and Land of Nightmares – The Glass House.

The Corinthian’s Fascinating and Dark Path to Possible Redemption will continue to expand Sandman Universe, hosted by the legendary Neil Gaimanas they pass Thessaly, Edwin and Charles in Dead Boy Detectivesa crossover that is sure to delight Sand seller fan.

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The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country – The Glass House will debut in stores on April 4, 2023.

Source: DC Comics


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