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CLEMSON – A new series of events aims to develop and enhance collaborations between the Clemson University research enterprise and industry.

The Innovation for Industry Partnership with Research Enterprise (INSPIRE) series is a programmatic series designed to support and enhance new and existing relationships between Clemson researchers and industry partners. Organized by Clemson University and the Clemson University Research Foundation, INSPIRE will offer personalized events with subject matter oriented towards Clemson researchers and industry.

“Engaging industry and academic research is critical to improving Clemson’s research business,” said Chase Kasper, director of business development at the Clemson University Research Foundation. “We are delighted to launch INSPIRE as it is a series of structured events designed to open avenues for enhancing long-term collaborations between the Clemson University research firm and industrial partners. . “

The inaugural INSPIRE event on October 22 will provide Clemson research professors, small businesses, staff and students the opportunity to learn aspects of writing Innovation Research Grants for Small Business (SBIR) and technology transfer for small businesses (STTR). With 3PhaseSC, a resource created by the South Carolina Department of Commerce to help South Carolina-based companies successfully obtain SBIR / STTR funding, the SBIR / STTR workshop aims to educate participants on what assessors are looking for when considering grants. In addition to 3PhaseSC, stakeholders from external organizations include:

For more information on the SBIR / STTR workshop or to register, click on here.

Industry opportunity

INSPIRE gives industry the opportunity to learn more about the research being conducted at Clemson as well as the many unique resources and capabilities available to industry partners that Clemson has to offer, including:

  • Research centers and institutes,
  • Unique installations,
  • CURF: Clemson Technology Transfer Office,
  • Unique, state-of-the-art testing equipment and services,
  • Students who have relevant training and skills to be potential additions to the workforce and
  • Opportunities for collaboration.

INSPIRE is ideal for:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises with limited R&D capabilities who wish to engage and benefit from the research enterprise of Clemson University,
  • Large companies seeking to add new directions and dimensions of research to their R&D and
  • New or current industry partners interested in collaborating with an R1 Carnegie ranked research firm and identifying areas of common interest.

Research opportunity

INSPIRE was designed for Clemson faculty members who wish to engage with businesses and expose their research / technology to new markets, and those who wish to make the industry aware of Clemson’s broad and deep strengths by research matter. This event aims to expose faculty researchers to a variety of opportunities, including:

  • Learn how the industry is structured and how partnerships / touchpoints can be worked with
  • Build long-term collaborative relationships with industry
  • Obtaining funding to facilitate projects of common interest to industry and Clemson

Clemson Research
With cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge laboratories, Clemson University provides an environment where researchers and industry professionals can come together to create ideas for the future. For years, Clemson has established and maintained centers of economic research and development to build a knowledge-based economy. Clemson’s more than 100 centers and institutes are dedicated to everything from automotive excellence to advanced materials, international diversity to community outreach, ethics to the arts. The bond between academics and industry grows stronger every day. In 2016, Clemson University was ranked as one of the country’s most active research institutions (Carnegie Basic Classification R1 – Highest Research Activity) and received nearly $ 150 million in external research funding for the year 2018, up nearly 92% compared to 2013.

For more information about INSPIRE or to be an organizational participant in INSPIRE, contact Chase Kasper, Director of Business Development, Clemson University Research Foundation at (864) 656-1402 or [email protected]

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