Netflix’s Clickbait Season 2 – Will Adrien Grenier’s Miniseries Have a Second Season?


by netflix Click bait is nothing, if not an adventure. The eight-episode miniseries that hit Netflix this week is a wild ride through the throes of internet cat fishing, viral videos and a handful of murders. But with Adrien Grenier’s fate sealed (come on, you knew the video was hitting five million views), is there any way the miniseries could return for a season two? The short answer to this is probably not. But it’s probably not an unofficial.

The thriller series starring Zoe Kazan, Betty Gabriel and Adrien Grenier came to an end for good when Nick Brewer’s killer was officially revealed in the series finale. Not only was Nick’s fate sealed, but the heavy story involving Nick’s co-worker Dawn, as well as her husband, was neatly rounded off with a bow. Netflix hasn’t made any official announcements that a season two is on the horizon, but that’s not uncommon when it comes to new series. Yes Click bait is quite popular, then the likelihood of a “miniseries” becoming a longer series becomes much greater. And even if a story is related, there is still a story that could be unraveled.

What would a season 2 look like?

Dawn was over her head when it came to cat fishing as Nick Online. So over his head that Nick was beaten up by a catfish’s brother and then killed by Dawn’s own husband (spoilers, sorry). But by the end of the series, Nick and Ed may be dead, but Dawn is alive and surprisingly good at working the internet. Change of voice? False profiles? She might have been messy in the first round, but given that her husband lost his life, a second season after Dawn’s thirst for revenge could provide some interesting fodder.

This is only speculation, however. For now, we have two corpses, a complete mini-series and a wise note: do not fish for catfish.

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