Netflix Horror Miniseries Goes Viral With ‘The Most Messed Up Sex Scene’


A Netflix miniseries is drawing attention on social media for having a disturbing sex scene that people are warning others not to watch.

The series titled Brand new cherry flavor is a horror drama mini-series first released on Netflix in August 2021. The show is set in Los Angeles in the 90s and follows a woman’s journey to become a filmmaker.

But the trip turns into a dark nightmare involving “zombies, hitmen, supernatural kittens and a mysterious tattoo artist who likes to put curses on people” according to Netflix’s description of the series.

The most notable part of the series seems to be episode four: “Tadpole Smoothie” which people are talking about on Twitter and TikTok.

About 30 minutes into the fourth episode, a disturbing scene involving sex, gore and kittens.

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On TikTok, Cody challenged others to watch the “most screwed up sex scene I’ve ever seen in my life” without looking away.

People responded to Cody’s prompt with their blind reactions to the scene, many of whom couldn’t help but shield their eyes.

The scene, which takes place around 34 minutes, shows the main character, Lisa, finding a wound in her abdomen from which a kitten emerges.

Rather than have this checked out, Lisa’s love interest walks into the room and begins having sex with her. During the scene, the love interest puts his whole hand in the open wound, which Lisa apparently enjoys.

In the comments of people’s videos, people shared how disgusted and disturbed they were by the scene.

“this should affect your credit score,” one person commented Daniel’reaction video.

“nothing could have prepared me for this,” one person wrote on Diamond video.

On Twitter, people shared similar sentiments towards the graphic sequence.

However, fans of the show have praised the director’s ability to capture the feelings of a ’90s horror movie into a modern miniseries. Some have found New cherry flavor to be the exact type of horror show they are looking for.

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