Netflix announces limited series thriller “Devil In Ohio” starring Emily Deschanel


Netflix to adapt Daria Polatin’s novel Devil in ohio in limited series.

The suspenseful thriller, inspired by a true story, will star Emily Deschanel as psychiatrist Dr. Suzanne Mathis. When Dr. Mathis shelters a mysterious cult escapee in his own home, the girl’s strange arrival threatens to tear her own family apart.

Original author Polatin will be the showrunner and executive producer of the 8-episode series. Directors on board the project include John Fawcett, Brad Anderson, Leslie Hope, and Steve Adelson.

In addition to Deschanel, stars include Sam Jaeger as Peter, Gerardo Celasco as Detective Lopez, Madeleine Arthur as Mae, Xaria Dotson as Jules, Alisha Newton as Helen and Naomi Tan as Dani.

Devil in ohio is currently in production in Vancouver. And as of now, Netflix hasn’t revealed many details about the series. But we can learn a bit more from the description of the source material:

When fifteen-year-old Jules Mathis comes home from school to find a strange girl sitting in her kitchen, her psychiatrist mother reveals that Mae is one of her patients in the hospital and that she will be staying with their family for a few days. . But soon, Mae is wearing Jules ‘clothes, sleeping in her room, pulling her out of her position on the school newspaper, and flirting with Jules’ crush. And Mae has no intention of leaving.

Then things get weird.

Jules walks up to a half-dressed Mae, surprised to see: a pentagram engraved on Mae’s back. Jules gathers clues and discovers that Mae is a survivor of the strange cult anchored in a nearby town. And the cult will stop at nothing to get Mae back.

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