NBC to develop more limited series of events to help Peacock strengthen its global co-pro – deadline


peacock As criminal non-fiction content and global collaboration double CNB Developing a more limited series in the stream of Renée Zellweger’s upcoming drama About Pam..

These are some of the key points of scriptwriting. Susan robnerThe session at the Edinburgh TV Festival is one of her first major appearances in a speech since she became president of NBC Universal Television and Streaming last year.

At Peacock, Rovner revealed that he’s increasingly starting a global collaboration on the scripting side.

Streamer previously announced an international collaboration that includes: War without declaration of war, A drama starring Mark Rylance and Simon Pegg face to face, written by Peter Kosminsky and produced by Playground Colin Callender on Channel 4, and The wolf hits meA genre-twisting romantic comedy starring Australian Streamer Stan, Josh Gad and Isla Fisher.

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“Office”: “Whenever Greg Daniels wants to reboot, we wait,” says Susan Robner-Edinburgh, NBCU chief content officer.

The former Warner Bros. (left) said he was involved in two more rounds within the allotted time. Irreverent When The last light..

Teren Spatrick / NBC Universal

Irreverent It’s from NBC Universal International Studios’ Matchbox Pictures, as Deadline revealed today. A 10-part drama following a criminal who escaped from a criminal life in New York City. He is in hiding in a coral reef town in Farnorth, Queensland, claiming to be a new church minister. Rovner said it was a partnership with Australian Netflix.

It also supports The last light. The series is based on Alex Scarrow’s book, which tells the story of a family struggling to survive in a world of sudden upheaval. This is MGM International TV Production linked to the Nordic Entertainment Group Viaplay streaming service.

“We are definitely experimenting with everything. Obviously, co-production works well because you get great content at a low price. It is definitely an area. [for Peacock].. We get a lot of rights because we cover most of our budget, but most of the time we focus on national rights. It’s more flexible, ”she said.

Rovner also pointed to Peacock’s truer criminal content. Dr Mort, The series created by Patrick Matsumanus is based on a podcast launched in July. The stars of the series are Joshua Jackson, Grace Gummer, Christian Slater, Alec Baldwin and Annasophia Robb.

Robner said: Dr Mort It is in this area that we are doubling down and trying to find more. In the case of scripting, it’s about passion, vision, and something to make a fuss about. “

She did not provide specific rating data or scoff whether the series will return in the second season, but said she is considering when and how to release such information. We called it the “evolutionary” process. “It takes time to know if something has touched,” she said. “It’s hard to know when to share data and when to count. We’re a whole new service and we’ll evolve as we understand what the data reveals. “

On the NBC side, Robner said she About Pam It works.

In the six-part limited series, Renée Zellweger, who won two Oscars, made her television debut. It’s based on a weirder story behind the 2011 Betsifaria murder, featured on NBC Dateline and sourced from Blumhouse Television, NBC News Studios, and Zellweger’s Big Picture Co.

Robner said he wanted to aim for one limited mini-series per year. “One of the reasons I’m excited to try this and see if it works is that I started my career in TV movies. Network TV has moved away from the event miniseries, streaming and cable. I started. I would like to try a few. The fact that René is a Sunday cherry must be felt as an event. This is because people are planning to develop them further. They bring us, ”she added.

She reiterated NBC’s plan to move away from traditional development and pilot seasons to the idea of ​​a 52-week-per-year program. She said this included a restart of the now running pilot. Night coat, with Melissa Rauch and John Larroquette and Demi Lovato Food Problem Comedy I am hungry Consider the mid-season and the 2022/23 season.

“People always expect a pilot season and with its fast turnaround time the challenge is to retrain the community. Everything is changing, ”she added.

NBC to develop more limited series of events to help Peacock strengthen its global co-pro – deadline

NBC to develop more limited series of events to help Peacock strengthen its global co-pro – deadline


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