Miniseries is the best way to end Ridley Scott’s alien prequel story


Alien: Covenant left a lot of questions unanswered, but there is little fan interest in another previous film, so why not try an Alien miniseries?

It seems less and less likely that Ridley Scott will lead another Extraterrestrial prequel, but fortunately, Alien: Alliance could still receive a sequel in the form of a limited series. Despite a good start, the Extraterrestrial the franchise has struggled to find its niche with critics over the past few decades. The original Extraterrestrial, a brutal and brilliant sci-fi horror “haunted house in space”, and its action-plus sequel Aliens are beloved by viewers and critics alike, often still considered classics of the subgenre.

However, the horror focused Alien 3 was too dark for many, and its sequel Alien: Resurrection was too uneven, leaving critics frustrated with the once-promising franchise. Since, original Extraterrestrial director Ridley Scott returned for the years 2012 Prometheus, a prequel that explored the origins of the franchise in detail. However, this effort warrants a cold response from many thanks to its slow pace and excessive focus on building a familiar world.

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Scott’s second prequel, Alien: Alliance, wisely ditched mythology and pseudo-philosophy in favor of a more brutal atmosphere and a faster pace, and the 2017 release was highly regarded as a result. That said, five years passed between the two outings and, although Alien: Alliance was the best Extraterrestrial prequel, fans were barely clamoring for a return to his world. Reception of the prequel series has been mixed at best, meaning the odds of a third Extraterrestrial the prequel movie that’s going on is slim. However, Scott is putting together an event miniseries to wrap up Michael Fassbender’s David story and how it relates to the original. Extraterrestrial would generate interest and be a less risky investment. Scott’s recent critical success with Raised by wolves also shows that the TV miniseries format is probably better for the kind of story they want to explore, and with a longer runtime and a more immersive atmosphere, the infamous Xenomorph could appear without being the sole objective of the plot.

Alien: David Cliffhanger from Covenant

too late for an Alien Covenant sequel

Alien: Alliance managed to surpass the dark end of Prometheus with the series’ darkest coda to date – an impressive achievement, considering the brutality Alien 3the final is. As Katherine Waterston’s heroine Daniels is put into a hyper-sleep by her robot assistant, she realizes that the android in Fassbender’s face is not at all sympathetic Walter, but rather the ambitious mortal David. . The change happened via a highly unlikely plot hole, but it’s not the worst of the end action. As noted earlier in the release, David Alien: Alliance The master plan is to use his genetically engineered neomorphs to wipe out entire planets just to satisfy his god complex, using the heroine and everyone else aboard his ship as unconscious incubators for his gruesome Xenomorph crossover creations. As Daniels is incapacitated, she is unable to stop this plot and, judging by the film’s final comedic moments, David’s plan unfolds without a hitch – dooming countless planets and their populations in the process.

Why Alien: Covenant 2 is unlikely

Best Sequel in the Alien Covenant Franchise

Even if Alien: Alliance was not a flop and fared well with reviews, receiving the sequel with a manual example of an unnecessary franchise payout receiving poor responses from viewers and critics alike. The film’s lukewarm box office and the general lack of enthusiasm for another film are just two reasons it’s too late for one. Alien: Alliance suite, while Fargo Showrunner Noah Hawley recently announced Extraterrestrial the TV series is a more exciting prospect that has further decreased the likelihood of another prequel theatrical release for the franchise. However, this TV series can also be proof that Alien: Alliance can still receive tracking, albeit limited to the small screen.

The fact that Neill Blomkamp canceled Alien 5 never saw the light of day proves that even a direct sequel to the series is unable to generate enough excitement despite the much-maligned retcon’s promise Alien 3 and bring Ripley back. Thus, there is no chance that the Extraterrestrial the prequels will win a sequel when their plot is less convincing than that proposed by Blomkamp Alien 5 and forces viewers to invest in characters absent from the big screen for more than four years already. However, a smaller-scale TV miniseries would be a different proposition.

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Why an Alien Prequel miniseries might work

Ripley aliens Alien Alliance

A major flaw in the Extraterrestrial prequels is that both movies try to squeeze too much material into a thin runtime, whether Prometheus trying to describe the very origins of the universe or the less ambitious but still overloaded Alien: Alliance not making sense of David’s ambitions in the film’s compressed runtime. As such, a 6-8 episode miniseries could cover a lot of ground, from a deeper exploration of engineers to catching up with David, to how it all connects to the roots of the Extraterrestrial series in general. Currently, David’s motivations for eliminating Engineers upon arrival on their home planet are unclear as to why Engineers wanted to create Xenomorphs and humanity, both of whom are teased but never explored in depth by them. previous films.

a Extraterrestrial The previous miniseries would also see the franchise do justice to one of its most underrated figures, Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw. Last seen unceremoniously by David between two films, Shaw was an ingenious heroine whose quick thinking and scientific acumen rivaled the series’ original heroine, Sigourney Weaver’s iconic Ripley. However, while the fan debate still rages on over Ripley’s death, it is undeniable that the brutal fate of Prometheus‘Shaw was a waste of a compelling character and a cheap shock tactic that didn’t do much to uplift Alien: Alliance. A miniseries that flesh out his character in more detail while leaving uncomfortable viewers aware of his eventual and inevitable fate would be a brilliant way to reverse this unfortunate twist, keeping Shaw’s death safe but adding an element. from real pathos to otherwise unnecessary surprise. Between exploring the character of Shaw, developing David’s plan, and explaining the origins and purpose of engineers, there are plenty of ideas for a Alien: Alliance sequel to explore – provided it does so on the small screen.

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