Mike Episodes 3 & 4: Recap and Ending Explained


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Mike Episodes 3 & 4, recap and ending explained: With Trevante Rhodes at the helm, Mike tells the life story of Mike Tyson with an eccentric approach. The first two episodes introduced viewers to the start of Tyson’s career, how he rose to the top of the game, and his relationship with his former coach – Cus. It conveys the aspects that inspired him to become the fearless fighter inside the boxing ring and the anger from which his fighting spirit stemmed. With its over-the-top storytelling, the series kept viewers glued to the screen with the ups and downs of her personal and professional life during those early years of her career.

Summary of episodes 3 and 4 of Mike:

Much like the last two episodes, we find Mike Tyson (played by Trevante Rhodes) engaging in self-talk in front of an auditorium packed with audiences. While before, he mainly talks about his personality inside the boxing ring and how he perfected it, the third episode titled “Lover” shows his many love affairs during the following years of his career. . He calls himself “Pig” out of hatred for who he has become at that time and for his compulsion to hook up with every girl he meets. In an interview clip, he even goes on to mention that these women don’t want him but his money, which attracts them to him. He even accepts his lack of self-respect during this time.

While at the height of his fame during those years, Tyson finds Robin Givens (Laura Harrier) on the television screen and is instantly mesmerized by her appearance. While engaged in sex with another lover at the moment, he continues to bravado about how Robin is going to be his lover. He later manages to arrange a date with her despite feeling how indifferent someone like her will be to someone like him. With this model, with this “it model”, he can spend time in a fancy restaurant – but only in the presence of his mother and his manager – since his mother protects her from going out with someone like Mike.

She doesn’t want her daughter to be someone who gets punched and punched for her bread and butter – someone who sees fighting as her way of life. In the next episode, we find out how this stems from her own failed marriage where she suffered domestic abuse from her spouse – which is why she doesn’t want Robin to go through the same struggle and hardship.

Dinner starts their journey on a sweet note and they continue dating for a while. They talk about their parents and their ignorance of their lives. It’s his mother for Mike and for Robin, it’s his father. As he brings up the subject of being in a relationship with her, she laughs it off, telling him of her dreams of becoming a great actress, a chance she won’t get as much as she would in her early twenties. Mike thinks she would be drawn to his wealth when what she wants is to create an identity like he did. She does not wish to be only the wife of a rich person.

Yet, Mike being Mike, he continues his foolish attempts at persuasion and sends him one gift after another. Even there, he has sex with the women in the stores where he buys these gifts. However, at this point in his life, he had no one to share the joy of his victories with. Seduced by his charm and his insistent interest, she agrees to be “that” person with him to share the joys of his life. This begins their relationship which marked the first time Tyson fell in love.

After some time, Mike learns that Robin learns that she is pregnant with his baby, and to formalize their relationship, he decides to tie the knots with her. After their marriage, his expenses cause his manager at the time to complain to him. He learns that Jimmy does not manage his money but that another person does. And after Jimmy’s death, he even gets Mike to sign a document giving him a large chunk of his assets.

This comes to the attention of Robin and his mother who object, after which he pursues the man. Not just his manager, but everyone around him was trying to take advantage of this sportsman who was at the height of his career. There came another person named Don King (Russell Hornsby) who becomes his guide and companion. He makes Mike feel that Robin and his mother are only scamming him due to his wealth and emasculating him with their demands.

Mike begins to sleep, which angers Robin and triggers their domestic squabbles. Robin thinks medication would be a solution to his manic depression. But it actually makes his situation worse and, mixed with his daily drug use, keeps him dazed most of the time. Even at one point, he goes so far as to throw a television at her. Later, she expresses her fear in a television interview where Mike appears drugged and unaware of the things around him. She decides to sue him for a large part of his property. And although she is a victim of domestic violence, her public image is maligned where the media makes her the villain of their story. He successfully evades these issues and suggests how that same adoration of his image, regardless of his behavior, is what he will continue to use in the future.

The 4th episode titled “Meal Ticket” focuses on Tyson’s complicated relationship with his promoter Don King. While the media vilified Robin and made her the most hated woman after their divorce, Mike was rightly ridiculed for his behavior by the media, which took a toll on him. The interview made him an unforgivable monster in the eyes of the majority who subsequently despised him.

Don came to her rescue and appeared as her father figure. Especially after Cus left, he filled that big hole in his life. However, while Cus was focused on making Mike a better fighter and improving his skills, Don was only focused on the money – to make Mike money and to make more money. for himself. He even advised Mike not to accept what white people made him feel – a monster. Instead, he wanted Mike to be an aspirational figure for black people. Unlike Cus, he taught Mike how to be a black man in America.

'Mike' Star Russell Hornsby Talks About Playing Don King

Don booked several publicity projects and gigs for him which elevated him to a huge level of popularity. It also caused him to spend ridiculous amounts of money on things that didn’t matter – just for the sake of showcasing. When his sister Denise finds out about his stupid spending and how Don takes advantage of money out of Mike’s pocket, she warns him about Don – how he’s only using him as a tool to generate more and more wealth. for himself. She even brings up the subject of his money management and how oblivious he is to how much money he has. While ignoring her at the time, he asks Don about it. Yet Don, who knew the keys to his heart and the ways to manipulate it, deftly redirects their conversation to another route and silences him.

He forgets about it and continues to pamper himself with all the things money could buy. That changes in a match, where he not only loses the fight, but the fame and respect he had gained over the years. Until then, Mike was unbeatable. However, this loss changed the course of his life, perhaps making him realize on a deeper level just how dangerous Don was to him, his sport, and his wealth.

End of episode 4 of Mike, explained:

Mike walks with his nephew who offers to buy him a Nintendo. This nephew mentions that Mike’s sister won’t buy it. Mike affirms how he is not afraid of anyone, not to mention his mother. Then he walks into a store to buy it and finds some kids who are his big fans. Mike even promises to buy them some of the Nintendos. He asks the cashier to give him a magazine with him, on the cover of which he appeared according to his knowledge. Later, he learns that a white fighter replaces him, which makes him realize how he lost his value as a boxer. This makes him re-evaluate his life decisions. While his promoter made him lose his focus on the sport and pushed him deeper into this trap than he imagined, this is only the beginning of his downfall.

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