Matthew Fox stars in the Apocalyptic Peacock miniseries


Some people think it’s a bit strange that we talk so little about the end of the world. They see the facts and the scientific reports, they know that everything is getting hotter every year, and they think it can only end one way: the apocalypse. Others think it’s no big deal and see no reason why planes, trains and automobiles shouldn’t burn more and more of the earth’s fossil fuels every year. These two groups of people see the world and the future in diametrically opposed ways, and at some point they have to have a confrontation.

the last lighta new mini-series streaming on Peacock, dramatizes this extremely relevant struggle mainly through the prism of a wealthy family. The father, Andy (played by Matthew Fox of Lost, after a seven-year absence from the industry), is a petrochemical specialist, working for major oil companies in the Middle East, but his daughter Laura is a leading environmental activist. Andy attends an emergency in the Middle East with an oil company while his wife Elena (played by Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey) takes their blind son Sam to France for a special operation. Andy realizes that something is seriously wrong with the oil supply, which is when the proverbial poo hits the international fan in this big, sprawling topical thriller.


The slow beginning of the last light

the last light starts off a little slow, taking about an hour of exposition development before anything really happens. In some ways, that’s for the best, as the Yeats family dynamic needs to be explored before the plot begins, but the meandering first episode may also bore some viewers and scare them away from what is essentially a very captivating.

The Peacock original takes its time working out the relationships within the family, the political situation surrounding them, the surgery Sam undergoes, and the suspicious issues at the big oil company Andy is sent to just days before the his son’s operation. It could have been handled better, but it brings every element of the story into play.

At the end of this episode, however, everything literally changes. Corporate espionage and possible terrorism tangles Andy with MI6 agent Mika (played by Amber Rose Reva) as corporations begin a slow collapse around them. Andy has discovered that something very peculiar has infected the oil supply, and it’s spreading like an extremely contagious disease. Cars burst into flames, planes crash, the power grid shuts down, and chaos spreads across Europe and possibly the rest of the world. Meanwhile, people want to kill Andy for his knowledge of chemical warfare, and he must trust MI6 if he wants to save his family. Only MI6 thinks he’s involved.

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After this first episode, things go very quickly with the last light, as if it were a roller coaster building until it drops and then unleashing itself on the narrative tracks. The miniseries generally bounces between Andy and Mika in the Middle East, Elena and Sam in France, and Laura and her boyfriend in the UK, where everyone will eventually converge. the last light feels like a truly international show, reflecting the scale of these serious issues with a broad, global narrative.

Climate change and peak oil in the last light

A big bad is never just bad, which is part of why this limited series works. Within the world of the last light, a radical environmentalist group is suspected of poisoning oil infrastructure in order to initiate a new global shift in economic production. From their perspective, literally preventing humanity from using fossil fuels is actually the safest and most humane option when faced with the societal, ecological and economic devastation that climate change will have over the next century. . Yes, a lot of people will die (those who fly in airplanes or drive cars that crash due to poisoned oil, for example), but that’s a relative drop in the bucket for these activists.

It’s a smart idea, although scientifically illogical on a global level. This way, the last light gets to have his cake (a massive climate catastrophe) and eat it too (with a very specific group of so-called terrorists responsible, rather than everyone in “first world” countries). Then again, who has cake and doesn’t eat it? It’s understandable that the last light would like a real, tangible threat – a group of “bad guys” is easier to describe than the more nebulous and abstract notion of the slow death of the planet due to human actions.

It might have been more interesting, however, to describe a world in which oil is actually running out and where the governments and corporations of the world have not implemented and developed the proper infrastructure and science for the oil. replace. This is a very real threat as opposed to the boogeyman of some climate terrorists, and would elicit essentially the same reaction seen in the last light. After all, the MAHB at Stanford estimates that the world’s oil reserves will be depleted by 2052 (while natural gas will be depleted by 2060 and coal by 2090), so inventing an environmental group as responsible agents seems to the useless at best and an escape route at worst.

Matthew Fox and Joanne Froggatt lead Last Light Well

Whatever the real cause of the disaster, the last light depicts the ramifications with startling suspense and startling realism. Hospitals rush to transfer patients after the power grid goes down, looting and riots take place amid blackouts, the military is brought in to enforce police curfews and control borders by force, and the highways are littered with broken down and burning vehicles. the last light really excels in this dystopian imagery, neither does it when it follows Elena and her son Sam as they have to evacuate the hospital and attempt to return to the UK through masses of bodies and the wreckage of society.

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Froggatt is the show’s true emotional center as Elena, and the three-time Emmy nominee does a great job carrying the burden of a mother left alone with her blind child during a terrifying situation. Fox is also very good here, playing a scientist who knows too much about a company where it could get you killed. He’s surprisingly low-key and gentle, convincing as a man with a lot of regrets who absolutely loves his family even when he feels far removed from them emotionally, ideologically, or just physically. Whatever we think of rumors behind Matthew Fox, it feels good to see him play again after almost seven years of absence; he looks older and tired than in his familiar roles in Group of five, lostand even bone tomahawkand it suits him well here.

The edgy, suspenseful sequences with Andy in the Middle East are also great, as Andy races for his life against the city’s beautiful desert backdrop, palaces, and alleyways. Director Dennie Gordon does a great job with the sparse, no-frills action sequences, proving to be one of the best female directors on television today after a string of great episodes for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Waco, Legion, For All Mankindand countless other shows.

Last Light Ends Badly But Worth Watching

the last light runs out of fuel at the very end, however, having to tidy up a multitude of plot strands with varying degrees of success. It’s not entirely satisfying, and it ends on a cheaply upbeat note that’s almost too sweet to take seriously, with its editing of stock footage and voice-over narration describing just how much humanity is great as the sun suddenly rises and a butterfly flaps its wings in the other. For a dark and serious miniseries about a terminal news disaster, the last light ends on a false note of sentimentality that seems to say, “Don’t worry, even if we destroy the planet with climate change, we’ll be fine.”

Like the aforementioned terrorist group, this is another cop-out and an example of the show’s reluctance to commit to the extreme relevance of its subject matter. Nevertheless, in the middle of the last light creates fantastic and emotional suspense, a serious description of the possible future. If only the beginning and end had been rewritten a bit, the last light could have been one of the best miniseries of 2022. All episodes of the last light are now streaming on Peacock.


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