Marvel Announces WAKANDA Miniseries With Black Panther Supporting Cast


Black Panther fans — or more specifically, fans of T’Challa’s supporting cast — Wakanda looks like the one to add to your pull list ahead of its October 12, 2022 release. With its debut issue featuring the writer’s creative team stephanie williams (Nubia and the Amazons; Enable parenthood) and Paco Medina (avengers; The Fantastic Four), the five numbers Wakanda title will be an anthology-style collection of stories by “a wide range of creators” about life in the titular and fictional African nation following the exile of Black Panther himself, King T’Challa, in recent issues of the John Ridley-writing Black Panther current title. Instead, these stories will spotlight secondary characters like T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, and her nemesis/occasional enemy Killmonger.

Cover of Mateus Manhanini

Additionally, each issue of Wakanda will feature a “History of the Black Panthers” backup story by the writer. Evan Narcissus (who first wrote The Adventures of T’Challa in 2018 The Rise of the Black Panther miniseries with co-writer Ta-Nehisi coats and artist Paul Renaud) and artist Natacha Bustos (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur; Runaways).

Here is what the press release tells us:

“New York, NY – July 6, 2022 – This October, acclaimed writers and artists from across the comics industry will come together to shine a light on the rich tapestry of Black Panther’s homeland like never before in WAKANDA, an all-new limited series! Stemming from the recent events of John Ridley’s epic run on BLACK PANTHER, T’Challa is no longer welcome in the country he once ruled. Who is this proud nation without its king? This exciting new miniseries answers that question and more, as each issue spotlights a fan-favorite Wakandan character as they rise to protect their great nation in exciting new stories from a wide range of creators.

“In WAKANDA #1, writer Stephanie Williams and artist Paco Medina will begin with an in-depth account of T’Challa’s genius younger sister and former Black Panther, Shuri. Shuri proves that being without the Black Panther doesn’t mean that Wakanda is without a hero to protect her – and that there’s a reason she too wielded power.

“”I’ve been a big fan of Black Panther over the years, especially the evolution and expansion of the women of Wakanda. It’s really an honor to launch the new series with Shuri’s story that I wrote. I hope I can add to her and Wakanda’s already awesome lore.

“Each issue of WAKANDA will also contain a “History of the Black Panthers” backup story by writer Evan Narcisse and artist Natacha Bustos, offering for the first time a definitive look at all the Wakandans who have held the mantle of the Black Panther!

“”I’ve long been a fan of the charm and breadth of Natacha Bustos’ work, and I’m thrilled to collaborate with her on a new look at Wakanda’s history,” Narcisse said. “The Story We Tell will give readers a deeper insight into how the Black Panthers of the past led the undefeated Kingdom to glory and left a wondrous legacy that Emperor T’Challa still embodies.”

“Stay tuned for story details and creative teams for future issues of WAKANDA and witness a great expansion of the Wakandan mythos in October! For more information, visit”

Variant coverage by Nicholas Klein

If I can speculate for a moment, it seems that Wakanda may be another attempt by Marvel to create synergy between its “616” comic book universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (not a value judgment; we’ve gotten some great comics from this practice). After all, after the tragic death of the titular Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman in 2020, the sequel to come Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will show MCU fans a Wakanda without T’Challa. It makes sense that Marvel would want to spark interest in other characters from Black Panther’s orbit.

Variant cover by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

Either way, Marvel fans can visit Wakanda for themselves when the first issue is released on October 12, 2022.


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