Local Realtor to Feature Carmel on ‘The American Dream’ TV Show • Current Edition


By Jillian Kurtz

Carmel will soon be featured in a television show that shines a light on neighborhoods across the country through the eyes of top local real estate agents.

Karen Tanner, Carmel resident and owner of Karen Tanner Real Estate Group, will host the Carmel segment of “The American Dream” program, titled “Selling Carmel.” She and a handful of other local real estate professionals were approached by The American Dream Network about the opportunity.


“Carmel is regularly ranked very high in different publications for different things, whether it’s where to raise a family or school systems, so it’s very attractive from a marketing perspective to present a city as Carmel,” Tanner said.

For the show, Tanner and his team leader, Quincy Caldwell, work together to generate content for the Carmel segments.

“I just did an introduction to Carmel for the first episode,” Tanner said. “I was walking around Main Street talking about everything from our focus on the arts with the Arts & Design District to roundabout art. In the next episodes, I already have some ideas of businesses in which I wish to enter. I feel like I could do an entire episode about WestClay Village.

The first episode featuring Carmel is set to air in December, although a specific date has not been announced.

Tanner grew up in Zionsville and graduated with a degree in public health from Indiana University in 1997. After looking for a house to buy, Tanner was encouraged to look into the real estate business by a sales agent. Tanner, who started the business 20 years ago, has had her own property group since 2017.

The American Dream is a 30-minute program that features five-minute segments in cities across the United States. The show is available on CNBC, Travel Channel and can also be streamed.

Learn more at facebook.com/theamericandreamtv.


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